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Extraction systems

Extraction systems are very popular to extract the THC substance as pure as possible from your cannabis buds. Buy your extraction system online now in our smartshop.


What exactly does an extraction system do?

By extracting an extract from, for example, a top of a cannabis plant with an extraction system, you get a concentrated amount of the substance you want. You will then extract some of the resource. Also preparing weed butter for your spacecake extract the THC from the cannabis.  THC is the substance in a cannabis plant that has psychedelic effects. It won't trip you, but it will get you stoned or high. THC is the well-known compound in cannabis that everyone is talking about. 

How does an extraction system work?

By using, for example, cold butane gas, you distinguish substances from each other. The butane gas passes through the cannabis buds and extracts THC from the buds, as it were. The THC and the butane gas are collected in the ground's container. The butane gas evaporates and what remains are pure and pure THC. We sell books about cannabis cultivation who also pay enough attention to this. Extracting THC is becoming very popular. Cannabis users are increasingly seeing the benefit of extracted THC.

Why do you use an extraction system?

You use an extraction system to enjoy the THC as pure as possible. You concentrate the desired fabric by distinguishing it from the top. Of course, you can also choose to get your THC in by smoking a joint or a bong. When smoking a joint you ingest much more harmful substances than with smoking or consuming a THC extraction. 

Which extraction system do you choose?

The purpose of an extraction system is to concentrate a certain substance. However, each extraction system works differently and has a different purpose. For example, you can opt for an extraction system to make hash oil, but also a hash press. Therefore, choose the extraction system that suits your desired end result. Each extraction system has its own manual and always read it carefully before using it. You can also choose to smoke your cannabis in a bong. It also gets you very stoned and you don't have to go through a complicated extraction process. 

Who uses extraction systems?

Extraction systems are therefore there to extract certain raw materials. You use this to realize some substances in concentrated form. This is useful, for example, for people who have the legal number of cannabis plants in their garden in the Netherlands. Are you looking for a pure extraction that will also get you high? Then the Honey Bee or the Queen Bee extractor is an interesting product for you. Also, extraction systems used by people who want to use certain herbs in concentrated form.

Making a THC-extract with an extraction system?

You make THC extraction with a Honey Bee extractor. In our webshop, you will currently find two extraction systems for this. These are the Honey Bee and Queen Bee extraction systems. The Queen Bee has a larger capacity than the Honey Bee extractor, which makes it possible to extract larger amounts of THC from cannabis. This extraction system does this without the help of butane gas. Both extraction systems provide you with a THC extraction in a simple way. A real godsend for cannabis enthusiasts. A pure clean extraction that gets you as high as a Flemish parrot!

Why butane gas is good for extracting cannabis?

Extracting cannabis is done with the Honey Bee extractor, so with the help of butane gas. This is extremely suitable for dissolving cannabinoids. In addition, it does not dissolve chlorophyll (chlorophyll). The advantage of this is that the bitter taste of the leaf green disappears. Always be careful not to injure yourself, and therefore always read the user manual carefully before you start extracting.

Buy Extraction System online here!

When buying an extraction system, pay close attention to which resource you want to extract. We also sell pipes and many other smoking supplies to smoke cannabis or other herbs. After purchasing the extraction system in our headshop we will ensure discreet delivery to your home. We always deliver the goods with track and trace. This allows you to follow the package up to the front door. Do you have any questions about an extraction system or otherwise? Feel free to ask your question via The headshop employees will do everything they can to inform you as well as possible so that you can make a choice.