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Smoking Accessories - Tips


Filters or tips are important for rolling a joint or fun cigarette!

Have you ever tried to roll a joint without a tip or filter? Maybe it will turn, but taking a hit really won't work. The long rolling paper gets wet causing the part where the mouth is placed to go limp and as a result no smoke comes out. Using a filter or a tip is therefore essential for making a working joint. That a tip and rolling paper go together is also apparent from the many long rolling papers that are provided with tips.

ActiTube filters are pre-rolled small carbon filters that you can use as a tip or filter in a joint!

The ActiTube filters reduce tar absorption in the lungs when used as a tips or filter for a joint. In addition, these ActiTube tips also soften and cool the warm smoke. ActiTube filters are a godsend to keep the lungs cleaner. But also, cones are pre-rotated. These are sometimes where no filters or tips, but empty tubes with an interacted tip.

cannabis filter tips actitube

Buy a lighter with a cool design?

You light a cigarette or joint with a lighter. A lighter is therefore of great importance. We sell many different lighters with a nice print. In addition, we also offer lighters with a jet flame. These withstand any storm or strong wind. They are not called storm lighters for nothing. A strong jet flame always ensures that you can light your cigarette or joints in the most appalling conditions. The lighters that we sell are from the well-known brand Clippers. These have a large flame and will always work until they are empty. 

High Rollers Bible tips for the true philosophical stoner!

Despite the fact that we sell many different types of tips and filters for rolling a joint, the High Rollers Bible is an exclusive filter booklet! This is provided with nice quotes and wise sayings. Perfect if you are smoking cannabis with a nice group of people. The High Rollers Bible contains no less than 322 tips and 25 pages. Another nice present or gift for a real cannabis stoner is ashtrays! These are equipped with a funny weed leaf doll!

filter book for stoner facvts

Aren't tips or cannabis filters RAW bleached better for health?

White tips or filters for a cannabis joint are often bleached with chemicals. This means that the white tips you are sucking on are not really healthy for your body. RAW has a great range of brown tips and rolling papers. No harmful chemicals are used during the manufacturing of the RAW products. RAW stands for Pure and actually means as pure natural product as possible. We also sell rolling-trays (carry tray to turn a blow on) from the brand RAW. These have a unique design!

Flamez Filters Red, Black or Yellow are ideal for rolling a joint!

Flamez tips are very affordable compared to other tip brands. Flamez offers its filters in the colors Red, Black and Yellow. There is no difference in these colors except the outside. The tips are provided with folding lines, this makes folding a tip for a joint very easy! We notice that the price-quality ratio of these tips is very favourable. For 12.50 euros, you have no fewer than 50 tip booklets with 50 tips each. The dimensions of the Flamez filters are:

⦁    Dimensions Flamez tips: 60x20 mm

tips or filters for smoking a joint

Why buy tips or filters online from us in the Headshop?

Firstly, the price for cannabis filters or tips with us is very low and secondly, we will send the ordered goods ordered before 4 pm (working days) the same day. All our smoking supplies we send discreetly so that not a curious neighbour can tell the neighbourhood what you have ordered. After we have received the payment, you will email the track and trace and send the goods urgently.