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Grow supplies

When you grow weed, you also need good grow supplies gear in addition to weed seeds. This to maximize your harvest. All cultivation gear for growing cannabis can be found here.


What do you need to grow high quality weed?

You really only need four things to grow weed. These are of course cannabis seeds, but also a light source, a rich breeding ground and healthy fresh air. With these four elements, you can grow a weed of absolute world-class. In order to achieve this, in addition to cannabis seeds, you also need a good deal of cannabis growing equipment.

What kind of grow gear do you need for growing weed?

Growing normal or medicinal weed requires some cultivating equipment. These breeding supplies are necessary to make the three elements, in addition to the cannabis seeds, of as high a level as possible. For example, there is special food for cannabis plants to maximize your harvest. Think, for example, of fertilizer or coconut fiber to create a rich breeding ground. But the water that you give to your cannabis plants must also be of the right level. For example, the water should not be too hard. Are you going to grow cannabis indoors? Then you also need a light source because you can't use the natural sunlight. And for fresh, fresh and healthy air you also need facilities to ventilate everything. In addition, you often need a dehydration.

Cultivating cannabis outdoors or indoors?

As mentioned, growing cannabis indoors requires a light source to replace the sun. This is not the only difference between the two. That's why it's an important choice to make before you start growing cannabis; are you going to grow weed outdoors or indoors? You need different things for cultivating weed outside than for growing weed indoors. This also determines which growing equipment you need.

What grow supplies do I need for cultivating weed outdoors?

Growing cannabis outdoors can be done with less growing equipment. Here you mainly need growing equipment to provide your cannabis plants with the right nutrition and to protect them against fungi and other risks for the outdoor cultivation of weed. The only other thing you have to take into account with non-autoflowering cannabis seeds when cultivating outdoors is that you can limit the number of light hours.

Growth gear for growing weed indoors

When you are going to grow cannabis indoors, you need completely different growing equipment. For example, you have to create a light source, ensure a fresh supply of air, regulate the water in quantity and quality and provide the right nutrient medium. If you want to do everything right, you also have to measure everything. After all, if you don't measure, you don't know how and when to adjust for a world-class harvest. Autoflowering plants are perfect for indoor cultivation!

Light source for cultivating marijuana indoors

Let's start mimicking the sun. The light source for your cannabis plants. Light plays an important role in growing weed. This is also the biggest investment you have to make for growing cannabis indoors. You can choose from CFL, LED, plasma and high density discharge lamps. Whichever lamps you choose, you will in any case need a timer. The light schedule is very important when imitating the outside world in which the weed plants thrive best.

Growing supplies for the right breeding ground

The second element is the breeding ground. This is necessary to provide the feminized cannabis seeds with the right nutrition to be able to grow. They are the building blocks of any good cannabis plant.  This also falls under the cannabis growing range. There are two directions you can go in here. Growing weed without soil is called hydroponics.

When you create a breeding ground from soil, you have to keep a close eye on the PH value. You can monitor this value with a special PH meter. Especially because you will also be working with fertilizers here. Use an electroconductivity for this. The use of fertilizers can lead to great cannabis harvests, although you have to keep an eye on everything for this.

Grow things for the water supply to your weed plants

You would say that watering cannabis plants is almost the same as watering a houseplant. However, this is not entirely true. For example, the water hardness is very important. Depending on your municipality, the water hardness can vary. Both too soft and too hard water will affect your harvest. In addition, the water from the tap is not without risk. In some municipalities metal, salt and other pathogens are present. To regulate this you can use a reverse osmosis desiderata.

Fresh air for your cannabis plants

Ventilation is and remains important for all your cannabis or CBD plants. Plants need enough carbon dioxide to grow well. In addition, ventilation is important to properly regulate temperature and humidity. This also falls under cultivation equipment for growing cannabis. The lamps can cause enormous heat. The escaping air will dissipate the heat to the outside. To get the climate as optimal as possible, you can also invest in moisture extractors to regulate the humidity.

As you can see, there are many cultivating supplies you need for growing weed. In our webshop you will find an interesting group of growing equipment for growing weed.

Buy your cannabis growing gear online

All our growing supplies can be easily ordered online in our webshop. Order the grow supplies today, and we will ship them immediately. This way, you will soon have the right growing supplies at home for a world-class cannabis harvest. All growing supplies are shipped quickly and discreetly.