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Exotic Seeds


Exotic seeds, what are these?

Exotic seeds are mainly found in warm and humid climates and have psychedelic effects. Some exotic seeds are incredibly strong and should be treated with respect. Besides exotic psychedelic seeds, we also sell hallucinogenic herbs. The exotic seeds like Yopo, Baby Hawaiian Woodrose, Morning Glory can bring about strong hallucinogenic effects. However, the seeds often need to be prepared in a traditional way. Yopo, for instance, cannot be eaten right away. Yopo must first be prepared according to a certain recipe. Apart from these three, we also sell Syrian Rue (Peganum Harmala), Voacanga Africana seeds, Lactuca virosa (wild Lettuce), Khat (Catha edulis), Sleeping bulb (Papaver somniferum), Kanna, Syrian rue (Peganum harmala) seeds.

Do exotic seeds have medicinal effects?

Exotic seeds can expose deep and firm negative rooted emotions. Going through an intense trip will give different insights into these negative emotions. Old heavy pain can be relieved by using psychedelics like Yopo. So an exotic seed do not have medicinal properties. However, they can give you other perspectives so that you can better understand your emotions and give them a slice without negatively affecting your daily functioning. Microdosing truffles or a trip on mescaline cactus also works very well with this.

LSA & Yopo are these also exotic seeds?

Yes these are LSA and Yopo. LSA is said or claimed to be the natural form of LSD. LSD is a synthetic drug, where LSA is purely natural. The effects of LSA are somewhat similar to LSD, only milder. Yopo must be processed into a powdery substance. You roll the powder into a pea and place it in a kuripe. A kuripe is a bladder tube. You use this blowpipe to blow the Yopo into the user's nostrils. You don't take LSA or Yopo for relaxation, more for a spiritual journey.

What is Rapé?

Rapé or Ha-Pee is a mix of different plants with psychedelic effects. Every tribe in the Amazon makes its own Rapé this way. Like the Yopo powder, this exotic mix of ash is kneaded into a ball and shot into the user's nostrils. We offer Rapé in different types of plant mixes. Each Rapé has its own effects. Kratom, like Rapé, has the power to transform negative thinking patterns into positive ones.

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Buying exotic seeds is easy and quick. Throw your favourite items in the shopping cart and checkout. Do you have any questions about the use or effects of any of these exotic seeds? Then contact us at We will try to help you the best we can by providing as much information as possible about the product you are interested in. We always ask you if you take medication, before considering taking exotic Yopo or LSA or other psychedelics, to discuss this thoroughly with your doctor first. Visit our Smartshop for many more psychedelics!