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Ceremonial Incense, Smudge


In a spiritual ceremony, it is important that your entire environment is set up to promote your personal journey. You do this not only by making sure the room is dark or light, but also by thinking about scent, for example. Ceremonial smokes are perfect in this case. These ceremonial smokes bring with them a fine fragrance that is relaxing. Take a look at which ceremonial smokes are available!

Different traditional smokes

For the ultimate spiritual ceremony, there are many different ceremonial smokes. Some of these are more traditional, where as others fit more within very specific ceremonies. We start by listing the traditional smoking goods for you!


The most classic form of smoking ware is incense. In fact, this is also widely used outside ceremonies, for instance in religious settings. Incense sticks come in many different scents and create a calming effect, which can take up an entire room. If you want to buy incense, 24High is a good place to start, as you can order incense here in many different varieties.

Ritual smokes

A more specific form of ceremonial smokes, are ritual smokes. These are often linked to a tradition, which varies by lineage. An example are smudges, such as the burning of sage, which, according to ancient Native Americans, drives away evil spirits. By repeating this smoking ceremony, you can manifest that you are also driving away the evil spirits within yourself.

How do you use ceremonial smokes?

The use of ceremonial smoking varies from one smoking ceremony to another. A big difference from other ceremonies is that a smoking ceremony can often be performed unilaterally, where with a herbal ceremony, for instance, you always need a second force for a successful performance. This not only makes it more accessible, but also more personal. You provide a safe environment and burn the ceremonial smoke until you have achieved your goals with it.

Shamanic rituals

The use of ceremonial smokes is very common within shamanic rituals. In fact, many purification rituals take place in these, which are almost always accompanied by ceremonial incense or other smoking materials. These shamanic rituals vary enormously and can be performed in many different ways. Examples include meditation, ritual dances and healing ceremonies, as well as festive moments such as feasts and births.

When you perform a spiritual ceremony with the help of a shaman, you will seek supernatural powers together. With the help of spiritual smokes, it is possible to connect with these powers, which will ultimately help you find a deeper connection with everything around you, as well as within yourself.

Buy ceremonial smokes at 24High

If you are looking for a good place to buy ceremonial smokes, 24High is very suitable. After all, you will not only find various smoking materials here, but also all ceremonial accessories such as incense holders or abalone shells. In addition, we are happy to think with you about how to set up your ceremony effectively. Feel free to contact us!