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Shisha hookahs

Do you want to experience the best smoking experience while smoking a shisha? Then buy your shisha in our online headshop. All shishas in our webshop have been developed to extract the tastiest aroma from the shisha pipe.


What is a shisha?

A shisha is a water pipe that is used for smoking herbs and fruit tobacco. The shisha has many names such as a hookah, nargileh, ghaliyan or hubble bubble. In the Netherlands, it is mainly used by young people as a way to relax together. This is possible with herbs that contain tobacco, but also with herbs that do not contain tobacco. A shisha has a rich history. For example, the first shisha would come from India and be manufactured with coconut, bamboo, and resin.

What is the difference between a shisha and a bong?

To be honest there is no difference between a shisha and a water pipe. Shisha is the Arabic name for hookah. The other names we know for a shisha often come from other countries. For example, the name hookah comes from India and nargileh from Turkey and Israel. Nowadays, there are also vaporizers or bongs specially developed for smoking or vaping your cannabis. By the way, these are not suitable for fruit tobacco. 


How to use a hookah?

Using a shisha may look complicated to use, but it actually is not. You place the herbs or water pipe tobacco in the tobacco bowl. Place a piece of aluminium foil over the tobacco bowl. Place a charcoal above the aluminium foil to heat it. Then it is a matter of sucking on the mouthpiece. This causes the air to pull through the bowl and the resulting smoke ends up in the mouth through the pipe. Besides sisha's we also sell pipes for smoking cannabis.

History of the shisha

The first documentation of the shisha claims that it was invented by an Iranian physician while working in present-day India. Hakim Abul Fateh Gilani worked for the Mongolian emperor and was looking for a solution to combat tobacco smoking. At least make it healthier. To purify the smoke by first passing it through water seemed to him the right solution. This is how the first hookah was born, sometime in the 16th century.


How does the shisha work?

You often come across a shisha on parties and parties. This does not burn the tobacco or herbs, but heats it. That is a big difference with, for example, regular smoking. This way of smoking herbs or tobacco through a water pipe ensures that you ingest less junk. The smoke that is created by heating the herbs or tobacco then ends up in the vase with water. This cools the smoke, giving you cool smoke that also feels soft. That way, you can enjoy smoking through the water pipe.

What can you smoke through a hookah?

Many people think that you can only smoke tobacco through the shisha, but this is absolutely not true. You can smoke different herbs through a shisha. There are special herbal mixtures or even fruit mixtures. You can of course also smoke hookah tobacco through a shisha. This can be flavored (fruit tobacco) or without flavor. However, don't forget that you can also can smoke weed and hash through the shisha, although this was not originally intended.


Stash products for storing your fruit -tobacco or cannabis

In our Headshop we also sell stash products. These are items in which you can store goods such as herbs, plants or food. Some of these storage products vacuum the contents with when closing. There are also stash cans where you can store personal valuables without anyone expecting it. They have the appearance of, for example, a fish food packaging, so that no one will get the idea to look inside.

Difference between a bong and a shisha

Although you can smoke weed with a shisha, but so-called bongs are more suitable for this. With a sisha you actually only smoke fruit tobacco. These water pipes are also often called bongs. It is good to realize that they both work about the same, but that there is a difference between a bong and a sisha. The shape of the vase is different for a reason, but the mouthpiece is also different. With a percolator you can also regulate the heat exchange between smoke and water much better in a bong. This prevents coughing fits that you can get from the sharp edge of smoking.

girl smoking hookah

Buy shisha on the internet

In our headshop you can get discounted shisha's, but also many other products such as scales or cannabis edibles buy. These will be carefully packed after purchase and delivered neatly and discreetly to your home. That way, you can safely buy a shisha online. A water pipe does not have to be expensive. You can already order a shisha from 9.95. Buy your water pipe online now, and you will receive it quickly.