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Capsule machines


Can you make your own microdose capsules with psychedelics?

We offer 2 sizes of capsules for those who would like to experiment with natural herbs and powders themselves. Are you looking for an increase in creativity and productivity in your life?  Then we recommend that you try microdosing psilocybin truffles or dried mushrooms. The microdose of truffle or mushroom capsules are easy to fill with the capsule machine. We do, however, recommend that you grind the herbs, dried mushrooms, fresh truffles or other psychedelics well first so that they can be easily filled with the capsule machine. By encapsulating herbs or powders, you can put the perfect dose in each capsule. This makes it very easy to get your daily dose of herbs or microdoses of psychedelics.

Can you also grind truffles with a grinder?

We offer a truffle grinder for grinding your truffles. This one is bigger and coarser than a cannabis grinder. This is not surprising since the truffle is hard and stiffer in structure. The truffle grinders are mainly for making the truffles small so that you don't have to chew them, but can swallow them in one sitting. The taste of a magical truffle is not experienced as delicious by everyone. Grinding offers a solution for this. Note: this grinder crumbles the truffle or mushroom too coarsely for a microdose capsule machine.

grinder magic truffles

Is there a machine that can fill capsules with natural herbs or powders?

Trying to fill an empty capsule without a machine becomes extremely difficult. It is therefore wise if you want to fill an empty capsule to also purchase a capsule machine. This simplifies the work considerably. You fill several capsules at once. We have three capsule machines that differ in size and content. We have listed all three capsule machines below. 

Capsule machine size and content capsules:

machine Size 1 - 400 mg per capsule content
machine Size 0 - 500 mg per capsule content
machine Size 00 - 650 mg per capsule content

How do I weigh my microdose capsules?

To fill capsules with mushrooms or truffles for microdosing, you will really need to order or have a scale next to a capsule machine. Preferably a scale that can weigh up to 1 decimal place. Each capsule contains approximately 0.1 / 0.2 / 0.3 grams of dried psilocybin mushroom. Always start with 0.1 gram and increase your dose as desired. It may sometimes be that a heavier person needs a starting dose of 0.2 grams instead of 0.1 grams. So it certainly feels a bit in the beginning and consider carefully which microdose is right for you. Do not forget that once you have weighed the dried mushroom powder, you still have to fill the microdose capsules with it. We always recommend purchasing a capsule machine.

herbs capsules

Are there different types of capsule sizes and do they fit in the capsule machine?

We offer 3 different types and sizes of capsules. These all fit in the corresponding size capsule machine. From vegan to gelatin-based capsules. Not every person wants capsules made from gelatin. We think it is important that a choice can be made between these two. Before you place it in the shopping cart, make sure that you click on the correct article number and that you also add a capsule machine. The capsules are of top quality and easy to use in combination with a capsule machine.

Is there also a joint rolling machine in addition to a capsule machine?

Yes, in addition to the capsule machine, we also have a machine that helps you roll a joint and we also have an automatic cannabis grinder and joint filler in one! The cannabis joint rolling machine can be found under the category smoking accessories. Here you will find many other articles related to cannabis use such as rolling papers, filters, lighters, ashtrays, etc.

grinder automatic

Capsule machine is the tool for preparing microdosing psilocybin mushrooms yourself!

Are you planning to grow your psilocybin mushrooms yourself and use them for microdosing with psilocybin? Then you can't do without capsules and a machine! After you have harvested and dried the mushrooms, grind them into powder. The mushrooms must be bone dry for this. Start by filling 8 to 10 capsules with 0.1 gram of dried mushroom powder and the rest with 0.2 gram. Start your microdosing course with the first week starting dose of 0.1 gram per capsules and if desired you can start the second or third week with the 0.2 gram capsules that you have manufactured yourself with the capsule machine.

Two microdose routines to choose from:

Monday Microdose day
Tuesday no day
Wednesday no dose day
Thursday Microdose day
Friday no day
Saturday no day
Sunday Microdose day
Monday no dose day
Tuesday no dose day


Monday Microdose day
Tuesday no dose day
Wednesday Microdose day
Thursday no dose day
Friday Microdose day
Saturday no dose day
Sunday Microdose day
Monday no dose day
Tuesday Microdose day

Microdosing with psilocybin truffles or magic mushrooms is becoming a real trend. If you want to start doing this yourself, buy the capsule machine right away! This machine is indispensable if you want to fill capsules yourself with a microdose. This capsule machine is easy to use, and you literally fill a lot of capsules at one time!


Are there also storage boxes for microdose capsules made with the capsule machine?

It's fun to make 50 microdose capsules yourself, but where do you keep them? Don't panic, we have a great range of storage and stash products. The storage boxes of the brand Tight-Vac or Vita-Vac are ideal for storing your microdose capsules after you have filled them with your capsule machine, because it draws the contents into a vacuum during sealing. This ensures that the contents stay fresh longer. It is therefore not strange to also order a storage box with your microdose capsules.

Buy a capsule machine or empty refill gelatin or vegetarian capsules from us in the Headshop! 

The trend of experimenting with psychedelics microdose on your own is on the rise. We see a weekly growth in the number of capsules and capsule machines sold among our guests. It is also not surprising when you see what microdosing with psychedelics can achieve. When you have decided to purchase from us in the headshop, we will pack the capsules and other goods carefully and prepare them for shipment. You will receive an email from us with the track and trace and the invoice.