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Sniff articles

When you want to sniff, choose handy snuff items. These help you to sniff in a good way. No need to sniff through a straw or a dirty banknote anymore. You can choose from snuff tubes, snuff bullets, snorters, snuff kits or snuff pipes. Buy them online now.

Party Kit Deluxe No. 1
Party Kit Deluxe No. 2
Party Kit Deluxe No. 3
Party Kit Deluxe No. 4
C-Kit Kulu Silver Parts
Agate kit
C-Kit Kulu Gold Color Parts
Royal Box - Red
Royal Box - Record Player Black
Royal Box – Plastic Retro White
Royal Box - Plastic Black
Royal Box - Party Green
Royal Box - Superstar
Royal Box - Make up
Royal Box – Camouflage
Double Metal Snorter
Aluminium Bulb End Snorter
Snuff Hooter
Snorter Nickel Plated
Snorter Gold Plated
Snorter Brass Nickel Plated
Snorter Brass Gold Plated
Mini Spoon On Vial
Medium Spoon On Vial
Large Spoon On Vial
Bullet Aluminium Lake Blue
Bullet Aluminium Purple
Bullet Aluminium Green
Silver Razor Blade
Gold Razor Blade
Spoon/Chopper, Nickel Plated
Spoon/Chopper, Gold
Mini Amber Glass Bottle
Medium Amber Glass Bottle
Large Amber Glass Bottle
Mini SNS
Medium SNS
Large SNS
Mini Quick Hit
Medium Quick Hit
Large Quick Hit
Bullet Aluminium
Aluminium Magnet Bullet Engraving Pony
Aluminium Magnet Bullet Engraving Seal

Snuff items

Are you looking for different types of snuff items? Then 24High is the place for you! Discover the world of snuff items in our headshop. Whether you are looking for a snuff tube, snuff bullets, snorters, or other accessories, we offer a wide range of high-quality products to optimize your experience. With us, you can buy snuff items easily and quickly, with the guarantee of fast and discreet delivery in inconspicuous packaging. Scroll through our range of snuff items and find the right accessory for you!

Buy snuff items

Buying snuff items is easy from us in the headshop. For example, you can buy a snuff tube in complete anonymity. We ensure that your snuff items are delivered to your home quickly and discreetly. We do this in an inconspicuous and anonymous box so that no one can see what you have ordered and where you bought it. After all, it's none of your neighbor's business what you do in your spare time!

Can you buy herbs to sniff? 

In our online headshop you can buy various items that are useful when sniffing herbs or powders. We offer plenty of psychological products, such as the hallucinatory herb/seed Yopo. Yopo is a powerful hallucinator. Next to Yopo there are also much milder herbs such as Kanna which can be sniffed. Kanna is used for ages by tribes of south-Africa. We sell a lot of snuff tubes, snuff bullets, snorters, but also a snuff bottle, spoons that you can use for this Kanna powder. You can buy everything you need to enjoy your snuff in our online headshop. 

Why should you choose a snuff item?

Sniffing hallucinatory herbs or smoking a joint is not accepted in our society. That's why many sniffers choose to do this discreetly. With a bullet you can sniff quickly and easily without attracting attention. It's easy, safe and hygienic. A lot cleaner than through a straw or a dirty banknote.


Headshop supplies are becoming more and more popular

It wasn't that long ago that headshop supplies were still relatively unknown. They are booming and growing in popularity. They are beautifully designed in most cases and give a certain elegance. That is why you see that more and more headshops are created online. The headshop also has a wide range of cannabis-related products. Think of THC extraction systems or ashtrays and the well-known glass or metal pipes. In addition to the snuff tubes, we also offer pouches with a mirror, a spoon, tube and a snuff jar.

Snuff items: Why are snuff bullets so popular?

Buying snuff items online is easy and above all anonymous and discreet. Snuff bullets are ideal when you go to a party or festival. You use sniff bullets especially when you want to sniff subtly. Like when you're out and about.

Snuff items: What is a snuff tube or snorter?

A totally different product is a snuff tube. Snuff tubes are also known as snorters. Snuff items help you to sniff without using a straw or banknote. You can use these snuff tubes for a very long time, because they are all made of strong material. This way you can enjoy your purchase for a long time after purchasing a snuff tube. We always advise to down your dose of herbs weigh before you decide to take it.

Snuff items: What does a snuff kits contains?

Each sniff kit contains a number of items that help you to make sniffing a pleasant experience. For example, you can find a snuff tube, a razor and a storage jar. Sometimes you will also find a mirror and a shovel or spoon in it. Then find the right snuff kit and buy the snuff items you want.

Snuff items: Is there a way to store snuff powders?

Do you want your snuff save then you can opt for a snuff jar? Your snuff is well and safely stored in this and the quality remains of a high level. We have them in 3 different sizes in our webshop. In addition, we also sell many other storage boxes where you can store your herbs and even food. 

Snuff articles: Buy a snuff spoon

A snuff spoon can also be found in our online headshop. These snuff items are also known as spooners. We have them available in different colors for you in our webshop. Simply choose the color you like and buy it online. Want something a little more special? Then you can also opt for a rosary necklace in which a snuff spoon is hidden. In addition to snuff items, we also offer many different types of rolling papers, filters, grinders and even books with explanations about cultivating cannabis or magic mushrooms.

The benefits of using snuff items?

Sniffing hallucinogenic herbs with the right snuff articles has a number of advantages. Below, we list them for you:

  1. First of all, sniffing hallucinogenic herbs is not always socially acceptable. That is why many users opt for a discreet and safe method of sniffing. For example, with a snuff bullet you can subtly enjoy without attracting attention. This makes it ideal for use at parties or festivals.
  2. You can also be sure that with our articles you can sniff your herbs in a subtle and hygienic way. They are simple, safe and hygienic, making them a cleaner alternative than, for example, a straw or banknote.


Buy snuff items at 24High

At we would like to introduce you to the positive, healthy and powerful effects of herbs. In our online head shop you will find various items that are useful for sniffing herbs or powders. From hallucinogenic herbs such as Yopo to milder variants such as Kanna. With a wide range of snuff tubes, snuff bullets, snorters, snuff bottles, spoons and snuff jars, we offer everything you need for a discreet and pleasant snuffing experience. Whether you are an experienced user or just starting out, our range includes various high-quality snuff items to suit your preferences and needs.

The ordering and shipping process

When you have found one or more snuff items that you want to order, add them to your shopping cart and pay for them. Don't forget to read the detailed product description carefully! This way you know exactly how the snuff items work and how to keep them clean. Add any additional items required to use your products. When your order arrives to us, we ensure careful packaging and shipping. Our packages are always blank. It therefore only contains your delivery details and our return address. With the track and trace code, you can follow your snuff items to your door. Do you order your products before 4:00 PM? Then you will receive your order the next day! In addition to snuff items, we also offer cannabis food online in our webshop.

Would you like to know more?

Are you unsure which snuff item suits you best? Please feel free to contact us! Our team is ready to help you find the perfect snuff item. Use our contact form and ask your question. For questions about your order, you can send an email to or call (+31)702210573. Let us guide you to the ideal sniffing experience!