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Top 10 Smartshop


Composition Top-10 smartshop smartdrugs products

Welcome to our Top-10 smartshop category. A unique composition based on purchase from our unique guests. In addition to this Top 10, we also offer many other interesting herbal and smart drug products. If you are looking for a relaxation product, we have plenty of herbs or capsules that can help you with this. Are you more of an adventurer? Then visit our category LSA, Yopo seeds or Mescaline cacti. But also Detox or energy-booster products that are not in the Top-10 smartshop are certainly worth trying.

Which medicinal herbs are available in our smartshop?

We offer a wide range of medicinal herbs, each with its own unique effects. The question is what are you looking for? What do you want to use the herb for? Spiritual or physical purposes? We have described the effect of each herb that we offer in the product description itself. Of course, we have written many blogs about the effect of these medicinal herbs. These blogs contain a lot of information that you can read before you decide to order a herb. It is not surprising that medicinal herbs can be found in the Top-10 smartshop. We believe in the power of nature and therefore also offer tinctures of medicinal mushrooms.

damiana plant

Hallucinating herbs, cacti and seeds are often frontrunners in our smartshop Top-10?

Hallucinating herbs are extreme and therefore belong in the smartdrugs smartshop Top-10! Hallucinating herbs are unique and have a rich history when it comes to influencing religions, for example: the Soma drink that could only be drunk by kind of priests. After recovering from this drink, they told the people about the contact and what they saw. Spirituality existed before religion. Because of this it is not strange to say that spirituality was at the origin of Religion. Hallucinating herbs contain the power to transform a person, his ego. 

Spiritual awakening Top-10 smartshop: Mescaline Cactus San Pedro and Peyote.

These two cacti are very different in appearance, but carry the same magical substance mescaline. Mescaline is a favourite psychedelic substance among psychonauts, so it wouldn't be right if it weren't in the Top-10 smart hop in the form of cacti. Both San Pedro and Peyote were used in Central and South America by indigenous peoples in ceremonies and rituals supervised by a shaman. Mescaline is a powerful entheogen capable of breaking down your ego. Some self-knowledge is a plus before you start taking Entheogenic drugs like San Pedro or Peyote.

mescaline san pedro

Hallucinating snuff Top-10 smartshop: Yopo seeds.

Yopo seeds contain the powerful substance 5-MeO-DMT and therefore deserve a place in the Top-10 smartshop. It's like a relative of DMT with. DMT is known for the Ayahuasca brew. Yopo is breathed in through the nostrils. The effect is many times shorter than with Ayahuasca, but it can also be very intense. The Yopo seeds must first be prepared into powder before it can be sniffed.

Mysterious thrips Top-10 smartshop: Lsa seeds.

Morning Glory and Baby Hawaiian Woodrose seeds contain the psychedelic substance LSA. Many users experience similarities with LSD. LSA is therefore often referred to as the natural form of LSD. Morning Glory is eagerly ordered and just like the baby Hawaiian Word Rose are real psychedelics, and we are therefore not surprised that they are in the Top-10 smartshop.

Which smart drugs from our Top-10 are recommended for a first introduction to psychedelics?

If you are completely new to the world of psychedelics, we always recommend starting with smart drugs with mild effects. We have a nice collection of Happy-Caps that perfectly match your first acquaintance with psychedelics. There are Happy-Caps with strong and less strong effects. Besides Happy-Caps, Kratom and Kanna are also good candidates.

Happy-Caps in our Top-10 smartshop are ideal for beginners with psychedelics!

Happy caps are suitable for beginners because the dose of these capsules are divided over several tablets / capsules. This makes the Happy-Caps E very safe against taking too large a dose. We always advise you to carefully read the description of the product itself before you decide to purchase. So if you are looking for an experience without going completely crazy, these Happy-Caps E belong to your smart drug smartshop Top 10!

Assortment Happy-Caps:

Happy-Caps - Relax E

Happy-Caps - Sex E

Happy Caps - Euphor E

Happy-Caps - Dance E

Happy Caps - Party E

Happy-Caps - Trip E

Happy-Caps - Space E

Happy Caps - Heavenly E

Happy-Caps - Brain

Detox, vitamins and supplements deserve a place in the Top-10 smartshop!

Because 24High believes in balance for the mind and body, we think it is important to also offer Detox and vitamin products. After a good trip or just in everyday life, there is a vitamin deficiency. Deficiency of vitamins can have adverse effects on the functioning of the body and mind. Vitamins D3 and C in particular are eagerly taken off by our guests. A deficiency of vitamin D3 often occurs in the Netherlands in winter. Vitamin D is absorbed by the body from the UV rays of the sun. In winter, the sun does shine, but less often and brightly. A shortage of vitamin D3 in the Netherlands quickly increased. Supplementing body deficiencies is therefore essential, and it is therefore understandable that the vitamins can be found in the Top-10 smart drugs smartshop.


Can you use Kanna or Kratom against addictions?

Kratom has a versatile effect and therefore also belongs in our Smartshop Top-10 smart drugs products. Kratom contains mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine and many other alkaloids. The two substances above are particularly important when it comes to experiencing the effects of these leaves. Kratom also has the power to help people who are addicted to hard drugs as a substitute. Kratom is not addictive and has achieved success in this area. Kratom has different effects when a higher dose is taken. At a low dose, kratom will have a stimulant effect where a large dose can cause an exhilarating high.


Kanna can also be used to support getting rid of an addiction. Kanna has the power and, just like Kratom, can induce a positive state of mind that makes fear and stress fade into the background. This effect can therefore certainly play an important role in stopping an addiction. Kanna is a carrot and has the power to push fears and insecurities into the background to give way to euphoria and a confidence booster. Because of this unique effect, we understand that Kanna, like Kratom, has a position in the Top-10 smart drugs smart shop.

Mushrooms and magic truffles are by far the most ordered psychedelics in our webshop, and occupy the 1st and 2nd position in the Top-10 Mushroomshop!

Due to its popularity, we have created a Mushroom Shop category for psilocybin mushrooms and truffles with its own Top 10. The grow kits and truffles are unique and can provide strong hallucinations and trips. Are you curious which truffles or magic mushroom grow kits are rated best by our guests? Then click on the category Mushroomshop Top-10 products.

Looking for more relaxation or energy? These also appear in the Top-10 smartshop 24High

In our 24High Top-10 smartdrugs smartshop, many offer articles with a specific effect. Are you looking for more energy? Or just relaxation? We offer enough smart drug products for both wishes, even outside the Top-10. From natural energy boosters for a fun party to herbs for a lovely relaxing evening on the couch. Buy your smart drugs at 24High. Once an order has been placed, we will pack it quickly and carefully and ship it with track and trace. Do you have questions about one of these Top-10 smartshop smartdrugs? Email us, and we will answer you within 24 hours. We are ready to answer any question so that you can get a good idea of the products themselves and how to use them. We will also always advise if you are on medication that you first contact your doctor and consult him about this. Visit our smartshop and discover the world of psychedelics.