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Welcome to 24High Smartshop !! Our Smartshop specializes in the sale of natural consciousness-expanding agents such as: Psilocybin Mushroom growkits, Magic Truffles, LSA seeds, Mescaline Cacti, Kratom, Medicinal Herbs etc. The name Smart comes from the so-called smart drug, a group of herbs and food supplements whose purpose is to stimulate cognitive abilities. For this reason, Mushrooms & Truffles are popular among 24High Smartshop visitors / users. The resources that 24High Smartshop sells are mainly natural and all legal.

Enter the world of mind-altering drugs and find yourself in the mecca for psychonauts. At 24High Smartshop you will find a wide range of Psilocybin Magic Mushroom grow kits, Magic Truffles, LSA seeds, Mescaline Cacti, Kratom, Medicinal Herbs et cetera. In short: there is plenty to choose from. Take your time and get acquainted with all kinds of herbs and nutritional supplements that stimulate your cognitive ability. All our products are legal and they are largely organically developed. What do you want to experience? Get inspired!

What is a Smartshop?

A smartshop is a shop that specializes in selling psychoactive substances. At the 24High Smartshop you don't have to leave the house to pay a visit. You can find our smart shop online. So you can always buy your favorite psychoactive substances and other smartshop products online wherever and whenever you are. To help you properly, you will find an extensive description for each category and product. This way you immediately have a good idea of ​​​​what the possibilities are. So read carefully and discover the wonderful world of psychoactive substances. On this page you will find a short summary of what you can buy from us. Take it easy and click through if you read something interesting.

Online Smartshop

Smartshops are popping up like mushrooms. There are also more and more smart shops online. Before we delve deeper into our offer, it's good to find out a few things first. Why is it now a good idea to order your psychoactive substances from an online smartshop, such as 24High? First of all, you can gain information online undisturbed and unabashedly, read experiences and watch videos. Are you convinced? At 24high's Smartshop, you don't have to leave the house to order your products. This can be done in peace, so whether you succeed in 5 minutes or you first read for 3 hours: it is all possible. In addition, you can order your favorite resources at a time that suits you. So you don't have to take certain opening times into account.

Another advantage of our online smartshop is that we offer a wide range. All products are categorized making it even easier to find the right product. Moreover, nobody needs to know that you place an order in our online smartshop. Your purchase will be sent in a blank box, so you can order your favorite products completely anonymously.

Travel with Smartshop Products

While many people like to use their psychoactive substances at home, it is also popular to do so abroad. Retreat to a quiet beach or spend happy moments together with your new friends. We understand why it is so popular to use psychoactive substances abroad. When you are in a holiday atmosphere, you often feel more relaxed and you are open to new experiences.

Still it is good to know that you cannot just take your smartshop products with you to another country. This is because the legislation in other countries can differ enormously compared to the legislation in the Netherlands. That is why we always recommend that you do good preliminary research in advance. This prevents you from getting into big trouble. There are also different rules for air travel compared to other modes of transport.

What can you buy in a Smartshop?

In our smartshop we are convinced that there is something for everyone. Do you want to relax or do you just want some extra energy in life? Are you a party goer who wants to keep going until the last hours in a natural way? Or maybe you want to experience an inner journey with consciousness-expanding substances such as Magic Mushrooms or Truffles? Then you've come to the right place because 24High smartshop has it for you!

Medicinal herbs in our Smartshop

We believe in the powers Mother Nature gives us and how you can use them to your advantage. Our smartshop is not just about tripping or generating a certain feeling. We offer, among other things, various herbs that have medicinal properties. Medicinal herbs provided by nativeThe peoples that have been used for decades are Muira Puama and Ginkgo Biloba. Below you will find more information about medicinal herbs and what effect they have.

Muira Puama

The Muira Puama is a herb that is very popular in our smartshop. Historically, all parts of the Ptychopetalum Olacoides (Muira Puama) have been used medicinally, but most often it is the bark and roots of the Muira Puama that are used both traditionally and in herbal/herbal remedies. Muira Puama contains long chain fatty acids (LCT), plant sterols coumarin, lupeol and the alkaloid muirapuamine. It is also used for stomach complaints, menstrual complaints, pain in the joints (rheumatism) and paralysis caused by poliomyelitis (polio).

Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo Biloba is a plant that has a long historical and traditional use as an herbal remedy in Chinese nutrition. Ginkgo Biloba increases blood flow to the brain and improves the respiratory system. This plant also helps as a remedy for depression, tinnitus, altitude sickness, and multiple sclerosis. The leaves can also be used in a facial steam bath to cure asthma, colds and coughs.

Expanding consciousness through tripping and hallucinating

In addition to offering various medicinal herbs, you will also find products in our smartshop such as hallucinatory herbs that expand consciousness. You can think of magic mushrooms, truffles, mescaline cactus, LSA seeds, Yopo (5 MeO DMT) and Ololiuqui seeds. The use of these products goes back thousands of years, but is still used to this day. Especially the magic mushroom is gaining the most popularity in our smartshop, because of the active ingredient Psilocybin.

Dream herbs for inducing lucid dreams

Did you know it is possible to control your dreams? This sounds like magic, but it really is possible! Dream herbs like Calea Zacatechichi and African Dream Root can induce Lucid dreaming. These dream herbs have been used in rituals to induce visual dreams for thousands of years. Lucid dreaming means consciously experiencing that you are dreaming. This means that you can control your dreams. Sounds like something to you? Then take a look at our extensive range.

Tinctures, medicinal mushrooms and herbs in our Smartshop

In our online smartshop we sell high quality herbs and medicinal mushroom tinctures. Lion's Mane, Reishi, Cordyceps, Chaga and Turkey Tail are medicinal mushrooms that contain many healthy properties that can have a positive effect on the body and mind. In addition, we also offer herbal tinctures such as Ashwaganda, Damiana, Absintalsum, Wormwood, Passionflower and Calea Zacatechichi. These have a similar effect to medicinal mushrooms and thus also have a positive effect on the body and mind.

Large range of mescaline cacti

With mescaline cacti you will experience a psychedelic trip, which you have never experienced before. We explain more about this below:

Peyote and San Pedro Cactus (Mescaline)

Peyote is one of the oldest Psychedelic Cacti. Peyote cacti have been found in tombs and images in caves dating back to 4000 BC! The Aztecs considered the cactus magical and divine. They used the Peyote to treat illnesses and to communicate with the Gods.

The Magical San Pedro Cactus is known for its psychoactive properties. The Mescaline is a psychedelic alkaloid. The use of the hallucinogenic San Pedro cactus goes back many years. Its use has been an unbroken tradition in Peru for over 3000 years. The earliest depiction of the cactus is an engraving of the mythological San Pedro. The engraving belonged to the Chavin culture, an art style from Perufrom 1700 to 300 BC. These mescaline cacti are not intended as a party drug. You never do a trip on these psychedelic cacti alone under supervision. This is very important!

Hallucinating seeds in our smartshop for a spiritual experience

By spirituality we mean that you try to live as much as possible from your true nature. Do you want to experience a spiritual experience? Then we offer various hallucinatory seeds on.

LSA seeds Morning Glory and Hawaiian Baby Woodrose

One of these seeds is Morning Glory. The Morning Glory seeds have been used for centuries by many Mexican Native American cultures as a hallucinogen. These seeds were known to the Aztecs as 'tlitliltzin', the Nahuatl word for "black". Hawaiian Baby Woodrose is a climbing root with beautiful lilac flowers from the Indian subcontinent. The seeds of Baby Woodrose contain Enthogens, psychoactive ingredients. The seeds can be used for their various lysergamide alkaloids such as LSA.

Ololiuqui and Yopo seeds

In Mexico the Ololiuqui seeds are very well known and popular, but not at all in Europe. That's strange, because these seeds are perhaps the most common entheogenic agent used by the indigenous people. Ololiuqui is now used as a medicine against venereal diseases, as pain relief and to make tumors disappear. The effects of the drug are somewhat comparable to those of magic mushrooms and Peyote. Anadenanthera Peregrina (Yopo) is a genus of trees, some of which have variable concentrations and proportions of DMT, bufotenine and 5-MeO-DMT in their seed.

Aphrodisiacs and eroticism at the Smartshop

Tired of watching Netflix on the couch with your partner every night? Is the flame in your relationship almost extinguished because the passion and desire for each other is no longer there, or do you want more tension in the bedroom? 24High Erotic allows the passion in everyone's life again with a wide range of aphrodisiacs (appetite stimulants)! Libido enhancing drugs, erection pills, Spanish fly and many more exciting products are available in our smartshop.


Boost your sex life with these libido enhancing capsules from MCSX for men and women! Hours of Passionate Sex, Use MCSX! Available in our smart shop:

Spanish Fly Pasion Intenso

Would you like to experience intense pleasure? Be transported by the power of Spanish Fly Pasión Intenso. A very intense warm sensation becomes noticeable inside. It gives you that little bit extra that is needed to give you and your partner an unforgettable night.

Stiff 4 Hours

An erection for hours! With Stiff 4 hours this is possible! In short: do you want to experience what it is like to have an erection for hours? Then this erection pill definitely offers the solution.

Buy Kratom online

Mitragyna Speciosa Korthals (Kratom) is a tree native to the rainforests of Southeast Asia, mainly in Thailand and Malaysia. Mitragynine binds to opiate receptors in your brain, improving your mood and giving you a euphoric feeling. Recently, Kratom has become increasingly popular as a recreational smart drug. In a low dose Kratom has a stimulating effect and in a higher dose Kratom has more of an anesthetic effect.

Buy Kanna online

Kanna, another beautiful natural product in our smartshop! Kanna (Sceletium Tortuosum) was used as a stimulant by the Khoikhoi in South Africa. It was snorted, chewed and drunk as tea. Kanna affects the dopamine and serotonin receptors in your brain. Kanna has a relaxing and stimulating effect after ingestion, especially in the beginning.

Relaxing, relaxing and sleeping aids at our Smartshop

Do you want to experience a relaxed feeling or do you suffer from insomnia and do you want a better night's sleep? We also have special relaxation products.

Heavenly E Happy Caps

Heavenly E Happy Caps help you slow down, relax and let go of the madness of the day. It contains Mitragyna Speciosa, extracted from the magical Kratom leaves. The Heavenly-E Happy caps are the perfect formula for when you are stressed, not having a good day or simply want to relax.

Passion Flower Indian Elements

Passionflower can be used against many ailments. For example, the drug reduces insomnia, anxiety, inflammation of skin irritations and burns, ADHD and other conditions such as asthma. Passionflower is also often used as a sedative or sleeping aid.

Boosts and Energy Boosters

In our smartshop we are not short of energy! Got some more energy needed during your daily effort? Or are you always tired and need an energy boost every now and then? Then take a look at our category of boosters and energy boosters for a suitable product.

Smartshop vitamins and supplements

In our smartshop you will find a wide range of vitamins, herbs and extracts for mental and physical health!! These supplements are ideal as a supplement to your daily diet. Do you have a weak immune system or do you exercise a lot? Then supplements replenish deficiencies that the body needs.

Drug Testing for Safe Use

In addition to offering herbs and nutritional supplements, you can also contact us for a wide range of drug tests to ensure safe use of drugs. We absolutely do not encourage the use of drugs! We do think that if you have decided to start using drugs, you should first test. After all, you want to know what you're taking in so you don't get any nasty surprises.

Discreet shipping at our Smartshop!

We hope you have a good idea of ​​which items you can find in our online smartshop. Do you have any questions and would you like to know more about our service or our products? Please feel free to contact us. We advise you and offer you help so that you know exactly what you are getting. Of course we also send detailed instructions for use with products that request this.