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Looking for a webshop to buy a grinder? Search no further. With us you can buy grinders made of wood, aluminum or plastic. Easy to crumble your weed but also to grind other herbs. Which crusher suits you?


What is a cannabis grinder?

A grinder is a crumble. An instrument to easily grind your weed or other herbs. This is also sometimes called a crusher. A grinder is therefore very easy to use. You put your weed or herbs in it and turn the grinder around so that the contents crumble. A grinder belongs to a cannabis user's assortment, just like long rolling paper or a pipe. A grinder also prevents sticky fingers!

Buy a grinder to crumble your cannabis for your bong!

You don't just use a grinder to crumble your weed for a youngster! No, certainly not, many cannabis enthusiasts also use a grinder for a bong or pipe. Again, you want to avoid sticky fingers and see your cannabis crumble. It is best not to crush the herbs, but to grind them a bit coarser. You don't want your weed to crumble into powder and it will fall through your screen and/or end up in the water of your bong or in your mouth through a pipe! A grinder is therefore also a good tool for your bong!

grinder metal

Why buy a cannabis grinder?

Before you buy a grinder, it is good to know why you are buying a grinder. The use of a crusher has three important advantages. Firstly, it benefits the effect of the weed or herbs. Because these are finely ground, they come into their own better. Secondly, this also benefits the taste. Finally, it makes rolling a joint a lot easier. You can distribute the weed better and that also makes turning easier. A grinder can also be a nice gift for a cannabis user. Besides a grinder, we also offer souvenirs with cannabis items.

Different types of cannabis grinders for sale

When you go to an online headshop you will see many different types of grinders. For example, you have credit card grinders, plastic grinders, aluminium grinders and wooden grinders. How do you know which grinder to choose? That is why we would like to explain the different grinders to you.

Aluminium cannabis grinders

The aluminium grinder is one of the strongest grinders out there. Are for sale on the market. These grinders crumble anything you have in mind. Weed, herbs and even hash. The more exclusive models have a certain coating. This coating ensures that the THC does not stick to the grinder itself. Your grinder will always keep running and will not get stuck on old THC residue from the crumbled weed. Everything that goes in comes out crushed, which is nice when you want to roll a joint.

Wooden cannabis grinders

If you choose a wooden grinder, you choose an authentic appearance. These crumblers are often very beautiful and have their own style. The wooden grinders; are stronger than plastic grinders and last a lot longer.

Acrylic cannabis grinders

If your goal is to crumble weed, you can opt for a plastic grinder. Especially when you only use it for crumbling weed. The advantage of plastic grinders is that they are very light and you can easily take them anywhere. If you want to crumble hash, it is wise to choose another crusher.

Credit card cannabis grinders

This credit card grinders are also known as card grinders. The great thing about this grinder is that they are the size of a credit card, hence the name. So you can always easily take it with you when you go out. These credit card grinders will help you crumble your weed quickly.

grinder acrylic

Hash grinders

Some grinders also allow you to crumble hash. This is not possible with all crushers, for example the plastic grinders are too weak to grind hash. This is because hash is a completely different matter than, for example, weed. It is a clay-like substance, and that makes a world of difference when crumbling. For example, you can even crumble the harder hash varieties such as Maroc or Zero with an aluminium grinder. Probably you need to wipe the pins in the grinder as the chances of sticking hash is high. That's why we also offer the Zen Pen! This one has been specially developed for hash!

Weed grinders

In fact, all types of grinders are weed grinders. After all, they are all strong enough for it. That means that this applies to the card grinders, plastic grinders, wooden grinders and aluminium grinders. You buy your weed grinder in our online headshop.

How to use a cannabis crusher?

Perhaps still good to explain, if you are new to using a weed crumbler, how to use a plastic grinder? A crusher consists of two separate parts. Here, you place the weed or herbs that you want to crumble. The weed is ground through the intersections on the inside of the two grinder parts. When you press the two grinder parts together and turn with your left hand to one side and your right hand the other side, you crumble the weed. Using a grinder is that simple.

grinders cannabis

What are three and four piece grinders?

Grinders often consist of two parts, but there are also grinders with more parts. There are also 3-part grinders and 4-part grinders. Three-part grinders have an extra compartment to collect the ground weed. You can also add a stash can purchase to store your weed here airtight. This prevents you from losing valuable weed when emptying your crumb. The four-part grinder goes just one step further. With this, you can also filter the very fine kief in a separate compartment.

How do you clean a cannabis grinder?

Finally, I would like to point out the maintenance of your grinder. To ensure that you have a properly working cruncher, you must clean it regularly. This is not complicated and can be done in three simple steps.

How to clean your grinder properly:

  1. Make sure you empty your grinder as much as possible
  2. Brush the small particles that are still left with a dry toothbrush. Stuck in your grinder or loose.
  3. You will see that not everything disappears from your grinder. Therefore, try with a cotton swab with isopropyl alcohol to brush away the last bits. After this, let your crumbler dry. Once it is dry, you can use it again.

Buy your weed grinder online here today!

Buying a grinder is easy with us in the headshop. By buying a grinder, you not only save yourself time, it also benefits the taste and effect of the weed in your joint. At 24High you can buy grinders from 3.95, but they are also available for 74.95. Choose the grinder that suits you and buy it online. In addition to grinders, we also sell nice ashtrays with a cannabis print and many cannabis-related smoking accessories. In addition, we also offer plenty of ziplock bags, these are small plastic bags with a snap closure, which are ideal for odorless storage of your herbs or cannabis. Do not forget to include this with your order. The cannabis grip bags are, for example, very useful for storing your weed after harvesting your cannabis plant for private use!