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Grinders - Creditcard Grinder


What is a cannabis credit card crumbler? 

A credit card grinder is a cannabis crumbler in the form of a grater. The big advantage of a credit card grinder is that it does not get stuck like a regular acrylic grinder. You crumble the weed quickly and easily. The weed credit card crumbler has the ultimate smart design. This can easily be kept in a wallet or pocket. This is difficult with the classic grinders. If youre looking for an easy to carry with you grinder, stop searching and buy the credit card crumbler.

Are there other grinders in addition to credit card mufflers?

We sell a wide range of classic crumblers. These are round in shape and consist of at least 2 parts. They are practical and easy to use. They crumble a fairly large amount of weed without too much effort. We offer metal, wooden and acrylic grinders. We also have OTTO in our range. This is an automatic crumbler and joint filler in one. The prerolled cones are available at our headshop and will be delivered with the OTTO. A phenomenal product that makes your life a bit easier!

grinder and joint

How to use cannabis credit card grinder?

This is very simple. You take your cannabis and brush it along the sharp grid. After all, you don't have to make a rotational movement with this grinder. This ensures that the crumbler will not get stuck because there are no parts of the grinder against any friction that THC can get in between. The credit card grinder is a popular grinder where a lot of interest is shown by our guests. A cannabis credit card crumbler comes in a sturdy case. The case protects the sharp grid of the crumbler so that it cannot damage it when stored or when taking it out of your pocket.

Can you also crumble hash with a credit card grinder?

No, unfortunately, you cannot crumble hash with a credit card crumbler. The grid will then become full of hash that you should then pick out again afterwards. Hash becomes very sticky and soft. These two properties make hash not suitable for a regular wooden grinder. For crumbling hash or processing, you have the Zenpen. This is easy to use and in no time you will have nice long strands of hash without brown nails. Keep your hands clean with the Zenpen!

crumbled weed

Buying a credit card grinder online at 24High

Ordering a credit card crumbler from us in the webshop is quick and easy. You click on the article, and you place it in the shopping cart. Checkout the shopping cart and you're done. The moment we see that the purchase has been completed, we will urgently pack the crumbler and send it with a track and trace. If you have any questions, please contact us (