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Souvenir en Gadgets

Looking for a nice gift for someone or for yourself? Then we have nice gifts, gadgets and gadgets sorted for you with, for example, a weed leaf or mushroom image on it.


Buy Cannabis leaf products and souvenirs at 24High!

For many years, many people have had products in their home with an image of a cannabis leaf. These are often products such as lighters, ashtrays and key rings. The range of these types of products is increasing. This is because more and more people are buying these types of cannabis leaf products. The growth in demand for these types of products is also related to the rise of the 420 movement.

Looking for nice Cannabis decorations for your home?

Propagating the love for weed is therefore no longer limited to lighters and ashtrays. You can also see a rise in cannabis products in the decorative corner. For example, you see the cannabis leaf on more and more decorative products. For example, in our webshop, you can see the cannabis leaf on shot glasses. This while weed actually has nothing to do with taking shots. Weed decoration is therefore something that we will see more and more in the design of homes in the coming years.

shot glasses

Many types of Cannabis accessories 

As mentioned before, cannabis accessories such as ashtrays and lighters have been popular for years. These accessories are of course useful when smoking a joint and therefore logical to purchase as a blower. These so-called weed accessories come in many forms, such as grinders or grow books. There is a nice ashtray or lighter available for anyone with a penchant for the cannabis leaf. The same goes for key rings.

Are you looking for a lighter with a nice or funny cannabis print as a cannabis accessory?

Lighters are, however, weed attributes. Without a lighter, it is a bit difficult to light a joint. That is why lighters were one of the first to be printed with a cannabis leaf. It is therefore very popular among young and old. Weed lighters give the impression that you have a penchant for smoking weed. Propagating your love for weed is something that many smokers feel comfortable with. Blowing is part of their lives. That's why many people buy weed lighters.

Nice gift accessory for a friend?

Buying an ashtray is extremely personal. With a nice ashtray, you can really show something of yourself. That is why many people buy an ashtray with, for example, a cannabis leaf on it. This fits their lifestyle and is something they want to propagate. Weed ashtrays are not only often bought by the person themselves, but also given as gifts. It is therefore a nice gift to receive, these are grinders by the way too. Especially from friends you regularly smoke a joint with.

Want to buy handy funny weed keychains?

Of course, you want to brighten up a bunch of keys, and that's why you choose a nice key ring. As a real blower, you naturally opt for a key ring with a weed leaf. Or do you want to go a step further? Then you can also opt for the key ring with a real weed top in it. Are you more into mushrooms and truffles? Then we also have very nice mushroom keychain for sale in our webshop.

Weed accessories are a nice gift!

With these three frequently used products, you will have very nice weed gifts for the real smokers in your circle of friends. The shot glass with a cannabis leaf on it are also very nice to get, just like a Cannabis Edible. So if you are looking for a gift for a real smoker, you can certainly find something here. Do you know a grower? Then these books about cultivating magic mushrooms could also be given as a nice gift. But wait, there's one more gift for the stoner that shouldn't be missed.

gift grinder

What is the ultimate gift for a cannabis smoker?

We recently also have the gas mask bong in our range. This cool product is a must-have for all blowers. It's super cool to get this on your birthday or just because. And if you don't get it, just buy it yourself. This certainly also applies to a beautiful shisha or a storage box for your cannabis. Of course, vaporizers, and bongs are more expensive gifts, but will certainly be appreciated by the birthday boy or girl. The last two in particular are real attention grabbers among your friends.

Order your cannabis products online now!

Order a souvenir or other headshop products quickly and easily at 24High. In our Headshop you can easily order these weed key rings, cannabis ashtrays, weed lighters and shot glasses. We always ship the product quickly so that you can receive your cannabis product or gift in time.