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Bongs - Acryl

Looking for a good acrylic water pipe to smoke weed? Then view our acrylic bongs. These are designed so that you can enjoy smoking weed to the maximum. Buy your acrylic bong now online in our online headshop.


What do you use a bong for?

The bong is used to smoke mind-altering herbs. Well-known examples are weed and hash. These will give you a better result than using a traditional shisha to smoke weed or hash. Shisha's are more suitable for smoking fruit tobacco and are also widely used in Arab countries for this purpose. With an acrylic bong, you can smoke weed and hash without adding tobacco. So you don't have a grinder or long papers need more. Not every smoker is a cigarette smoker. This way you can smoke pure weed and hash without the disadvantages of tobacco that you have to add in a joint. In addition, the bong filters and cools the smoke before it ends up in your lungs.

What is an acrylic bong?

A bong is a bong specially designed for smoking weed or hash without long rolling paper or other smoking accessories. This bong can be made of glass or acrylic. In this case, it concerns water pipes that are made of acrylic. An acrylic bong is often a straight tube or tube with water at the bottom of the pipe. Attached to it is a tube that is also called a chillum, downstem or downpipe. A bowl or cup is attached to that tube. You put the weed or hash in it that you want to smoke. Some bongs also have percolators. These are filtration options such as separate air chambers or separate water chambers.

acrylic bong

Which bongs or bongs do we sell?

As mentioned, there are three different bongs. An acrylic bong, glass and ceramic. When you buy a water pipe, you choose between one of these three. You choose an acrylic water pipe if you want it to last longer than a glass water pipe. They are made of a plastic that you can not easily break. This also makes them easier to clean and easier to take with you when you go out. In addition, they are also cheaper to purchase than glass or ceramic water pipes. 

The advantage and disadvantage of an acrylic bong?

You buy an acrylic bong when you go for a robust and sturdy bong. The use is very simple, you take some weed from the grip bag and place it in the bong, and it is ready to use. In terms of taste, these water pipes are a lot less than a glass or ceramic bong. We recommend the acrylic bong for those who are looking for a bong for parties. It doesn't matter if this bong falls because it doesn't break easily. Ideal to pass on to drunk people as well. We sell the acrylic bong in five different sizes and designs. Each format has its unique effects. A bong with a long neck will cool the smoke airflow more than a bong with a small neck. The small bongs are therefore often sharper and hotter in taste. 

A glass bong for pure and pure taste?

Going for the taste and super big hits? Then we recommend the glass bong. We also sell these in many different sizes and designs. We also sell bongs from the well-known brand Tsunami Glass. These bongs are works of art in themselves. This blog is blown by professionals and features multiple percolators. Percolators are extra intrigued tubes through which the smoke passes and cools extra. The more percolators, the more the smoke is cooled down, allowing you to take a mega hit. 

Ceramic classic clay bong

A ceramic bong tastes very clean, just like a glass bong. These often have a unique design and are baked and cured in the oven. You buy a ceramic bong if you like a nice design and a good cannabis taste. The smoke is not cooled as well as with a glass bong. This means that you can take a smaller hit with a ceramic bong because the smoke gets hot. A pipe or clay has a rich history. In India, the Babas have been using the clay pipe (chillum) for centuries.


What is the difference between a bong and a hookah?

Although the name water pipe is often used in Dutch for both a shisha and a bong, they are different products. A shisha is made for smoking tobacco, such as fruit tobacco. A bong is specially made for smoking hash and weed. You can also smoke tobacco with a bong, and you can also smoke weed with a shisha, but it will be less effective. The shisha also looks different. This one has a hose to put on your mouth, while a bong has a tube made of glass or plastic. However, both contain water, which is why the name is often used for both. We also offer stash storage boxes or a grip bag to keep your cannabis or apple tobacco fresh.

Do the different bong sizes have a reason?

That a bong is a perfect party tool is that we know. But not every bong looks the same, not even those that are made of acrylic. These sizes also affect how you use the bong. Bongs with a large, wide tube through which you inhale the smoke ensure that you can ingest much more smoke. This means that you can be completely stoned with a few inhalations. The thickness of the tube does play a role in a bong. With a wide tube, you get a powerful smoking experience.

glass bong

What is the history of the hookah?

The traditional hookah is many centuries old. An excavation in Ethiopia showed that a water pipe already existed in 1100 BC. However, as far as we know, the bong originally comes from Thailand. That is also the reason for the name bong. This was called baung in Thailand and has been corrupted into bong. The name baung literally means "bamboo hookah" in Thai. The first water pipes were therefore made of bamboo in Thailand. Besides a bong, you could also use a cannabis pipe for smoking herbs.

Buy acrylic hookah on the internet?

Want to buy a new  acrylic bong because your old one is broken? Or are you going to buy your first bong? Then you can buy it online in our webshop. We have bongs in many different colors and with colorful patterns. It is already a joy to look at the water pipe, you have to imagine what it is like to use it. Order your acrylic bong there now in our Headshop and avoid paying too much.