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Medicinal herbs

There are many medicinal herbs in the world. These natural products combat many health conditions, but until recently little was known about them in the Netherlands. Now we offer these medicinal herbs in our webshop. Benefit from the healing effect of these herbs.

Pink Lotus (Nelumbo Nucifera) Indian Spirit
Wild Dagga Indian Spirit - 50 GR
Body and Mind Indian Spirit - 50 GR
Marshmallow (Althaea Officinalis) Indian Spirit - 50 GR
Blue Lotus (Nymphaea caerulea) - 25G indian Spirit
Ashwagandha (Withania Somnifera) Indian Spirit
Love Elixir - Mix (50g)
Great Mullein (Verbascum Thapsus) Indian Spirit - 50 GR
Kratom leaves - 50 grams
Ashwaganda - 10 ML
Guarana - Capsules
Aphrodite Mix Indian Elements
Relax Mix Indian Elements
Absinth Indian Elements - Capsules
Cannabis Sativa Indian Elements
Cola Nut Indian Elements
Cola Nut Indian Elements - Capsules
Damiana Indian Elements
Damiana Indian Elements - Capsules
Muira Puama Indian Elements
Muira Puama Indian Elements - Capsules
Mitragyna Javanica Indian Elements
Skullcap Indian Elements
 Galangae Indian Elements
 Ginkgo Biloba Indian Elements
Guarana Indian Elements
Herbal Spliff Mix Indian Elements
Passion Flower Indian Elements
 Wild Lettuce Indian Elements
Valerian Indian Elements
Mystic Hash
Wild Lettuce 50x extract
Wild Dagga 20X Extract
Passion Flower 5X Extract
Damiana 10X Extract
Ginseng powder - Panax Ginseng
Yerba mate leaves powder organic
Valerian root - Valeriana officinalis

Do you want to start living healthier? This is possible with medicinal herbs!

The world is full of medicinal herbs. Many peoples have benefited from it for years, but these medicinal herbs and plants were unreachable for the Dutch for years. However, with the advent of the internet, this is a thing of the past. From now on, you can also buy medicinal herbs in the Netherlands to live a healthier life. We have many medicinal herbs of the brand Indian Elements but also Herbs of the Gods. Medicinal herbs can not only be used for symptomatic relief, but also as a preventive measure.

Buy powerful herbs online to support your health?

Buying medicinal herbs is very easy today. From the comfort of your home, you can choose the right herbs to tackle your health problems. You can easily order this online and have it delivered directly to your home. Without having to leave the house for this. With the internet, you have access to many webshops that can help you find the right herbs to ease your burdens. In addition to medicinal herbs, we also have hallucinatory herbs en seeds.

herbs medicinal

Can medicinal herbs help with depression?

There are also herbs that can help you with mental complaints. Many people suffer from depressive symptoms or even general depression. There are herbs that help you to suffer less from anxiety and panic attacks, but also that help you overcome depression. Also in this case, you buy Ginkgo Biloba. This is also a remedy for depression.

Are vitamins an important contribution to a healthy lifestyle?

In addition to medicinal herbs, vitamins and supplements also contribute to a healthy lifestyle. Vitamins and minerals are indispensable for a well-functioning body and mind. It is therefore possible that certain complaints are caused by a shortage of vitamins or minerals. These deficiencies can be easily remedied with vitamins and supplements.

Medicinal herbs for the respiratory system

For every condition, there is a herb that can help you. Nutrients such as these medicinal herbs are the building blocks for your body. Using specific nutrients can help your body recover. Likewise for the airways. Buy medicinal herbs for the respiratory system to quickly feel your old self again. Ginkgo Biloba are the best herbs for your respiratory system.


Which medicinal herbs can I use for weight loss?

And then there's the desire to lose weight. However, not everyone succeeds in losing weight. Many diets are tried and the use of stackers is also a regular occurrence. However, there are also natural herbs that can help you with this. These are not very medicinal herbs, but they do contain properties that help you achieve your goal. Think of the Cola nut. This nut will help you improve digestion and burn fat, so you can lose weight.

Medicinal mushrooms medicinal effect

Medicinal mushrooms have a powerful effect on body and mind. The mushroom tinctures/extracts we offer are of the highest quality. Many of these extracts have a positive effect on the immune system! In addition, many of these mushrooms are included in the TCM (Traditional Holistic Chinese Medicine). Medicinal mushrooms have supported human health for thousands of years. Medicinal mushrooms have a powerful effect on body and mind.

Can you use medicinal herbs to treat skin and headaches?

Skin problems are becoming more common. That is why it is nice that there are natural products that protect and restore your skin against itching and irritation, even inflammation. With passion flower herbs, you restore the skin naturally. This reduces skin irritation without the use of medicines. Do you suffer from headaches? Then one often takes a paracetamol. However, it is good to know that too much paracetamol can actually cause headaches. Kind of weird to use it then. Especially when there is a natural product that works many times better and has no side effects. If you have a headache, choose Wild Dagga. You can easily add these medicinal herbs to tea to suppress the headache.

herbs nature

What effects do these medicinal herbs have?

As you can see, medicinal herbs combat many health complaints. This could be anything. Also think of ADHD, allergies, inflammation, and even burns. By getting the right nutrients, your body is activated from within to fight and defeat any germs. Strengthen your body with medicinal herbs and enable it to heal itself. Some herbs also have a relaxed effect.

Psychedelic hallucinatory herbal tea

Many of these herbs take you in through tea. It's an easy way to get herbs in that otherwise often stay out of your diet. You can quickly let these medicinal herbs land in your body by making tea from them. This is often referred to as herbal tea, and this is a fairly widely accepted way of taking herbs. Especially among women. In addition to herbal teas, we also offer the hallucinatory Mescaline Cacti. Tea is made from these cacti. A spiritual journey with Mescaline can cleanse your mind of negative emotions. 

Happy Caps spice mixes with multiple effects

Have you had a busy day and do you want to completely relax? Or do you want more energy, focus or a good trip? Then we highly recommend the Happy Caps. Happy Caps are not medicinal herbs. They are capsules filled with a herbal blend. They are medicinal capsules but contain ingredients that can make you relax, which is healthy for the mind. The Happy Caps come in different types, each with its unique effect.

Happy Caps

Indonesian medicinal herbs 

For example, let's highlight the Indonesian medicinal herbs. As mentioned, many of the medicinal herbs come from all over the world. In Indonesia, for example, there are many herbs that have a beneficial effect. One of these Indonesian medicinal herbs is Galangae. These herbs have a positive effect on the blood circulation and the heart. It also increases the chances of reproduction in males. It improves the quality of the semen of the man.

Order medicinal herbs or psychedelics online at

People still like to go to the shopping outside on the street. Buying medicinal herbs is something that few people do in physical stores. The reason? Not everything is available in stores. Everything is available online, wherever the herbs or plants originally come from. Therefore, order medicinal herbs online in our webshop. We always deliver your order quickly and discreetly to your home. We also offer many more natural smartshop products and drug testing.