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The Indian Elements brand offers a diverse range of different spice mixes. These spice mixes from Indian Elements all have one thing in common, they all have the goal of living a healthier life. For example, the herbal spliff mix from Indian Elements is a well-known tobacco substitute when rolling a joint. In this article we walk through all the spice mixes from Indian Elements and share the benefits of these special herbs with you.

Valerian Indian Elements herbs for better sleep

Sleep is important for everyone. However, it is not always possible to relax properly in stressful times. To help you sleep better, use the Valerian herbs from Indian Elements. These capsules help you to fall asleep more easily and to wake up rested. In addition, it calms the nervous system so that you do not succumb to the pressure even in busy times. The Valerian Indian Elements capsules come from the valerian root that was already used in the times of the Incas to relax. This soothing effect of these herbs does not affect your concentration. It can also help reduce anxiety that you may experience in everyday life. That is why it was already used in Greek antiquity as a medicinal herb. It mainly helps to sleep better, even if you do not suffer from sleeping problems.

Herbal Valerian Indian Elements help with the following complaints:

• Sleep problems and insomnia
• Anxiety, stress, tension
• Tension Headaches
• Abdominal pain due to nervousness
• Restless Legs Syndrome
• ADHD and ADD
• Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
• Hot Flashes During Menopause
• Painful menstruation (dysmenorrhea)


Wild Lettuce Indian Elements herbs to relax

If you need more relaxation, then the wild lettuce herbs from Indian Elements might be something for you. Also known as poison lettuce, these herbs from Indian Elements are known for soothing and relaxing. Handy when you are nervous or nervous. Wild lettuce suppresses the central nervous system and that makes you calmer. This herbal blend has been used since the 19th century to soothe. It can also relax you to such an extent that it can induce sleep when you take the right dose. So you can also use wild lettuce when you have trouble falling asleep. Besides the fact that it helps to relax when you are nervous or nervous, it also has an aphrodisiac effect. It makes you want more sex. A pleasant side effect for some of us who are looking for an aphrodisiac.

Herbs Wild Lettuce Indian Elements help with the following complaints;

• Difficulty falling asleep
• Nervous
• Nervous
• Restlessness
• Decreased libido
• Itchy cough
• Whooping cough
• Bronchitis
• Respiratory tract irritation
• Pain in rheumatism
• Pain in the gut
• Digestive problems caused by stress
• Nausea
• Indigestion
• Panic attacks
• Muscle cramp
• Fighting warts, pimples and acne

Scientific research has shown that Wild Lettuce has a similar analgesic effect to Ibuprofen.
Source: NCBI

Passion Flower Indian Elements herbs to reduce stress

The passion flower has been known for years as an herb that helps to sleep better and deeper. It helps you relax. The passion flower extracts of Indian Elements also help you to reduce stress. The advantage of the passion flower is that it can act against many effects of stress. By lowering the stress level, you will also suffer less from high blood pressure, sleep deprivation, etcwraths, concentration difficulties and migraines. For example, the passion flower is regularly used in people who suffer from a lot of stress. Although stress is one of the reasons that people have trouble falling asleep, that is not the only cause. Women who are in the menopause often have trouble falling asleep and enjoying a good night's sleep. The spices passionflower from Indian Elements helps you to fall asleep without annoying side effects such as drowsiness or loss of concentration. A natural sleeping aid.

Herbs Passionflower Indian Elements help with the following complaints:

• Insomnia
• Fears
• Worry
• Restlessness
• Cramps
• Swelling
• Fungal infections of the skin
• Nerve Pain
• Stress
• Nervousness
• Irritability
• Menopause
• Palpitations
• Increased blood pressure due to stress


Herbal Spliff Mix Indian Elements herbs the ideal tobacco substitute

Are you looking for a tobacco substitute? Then the Herbal Spliff Mix from Indian Elements is for you. This Indian Elements herbal mix is ​​often used as a tobacco substitute by smokers who no longer want to ingest nicotine while smoking. An additional advantage is that the Herbal Spliff Mix enhances the effect of cannabis. You can also just use this herbal mix in your tea. It has a soothing and calming effect.

Herbal Herbal Spliff Mix Indian Elements help with:

• Quit smoking
• Trying to relax

Guarana Indian Elements herbs for more energy

If you want more energy, think about Guarana herbs Indian Elements. Guarana is packed with caffeine. It can therefore be seen as a performance enhancer. Not only physically but also mentally. Guarana also helps to drain lactic acid in the body. Thus, it is good to use Guarana after an intensive training session. It therefore reduces fatigue. It also increases alertness and gives you more energy. Guarana also has a number of medical benefits, although you can't see it as a medicine. Guarana herbs can help with asthma, diarrhea, vaginal discharge and headaches. The use of Guarana Indian Elements also stimulates fat burning. For example, it helps with weight loss if this is the wish.

Herbal Guarana Indian Elements help with the following complaints:

• Tiredness, exhaustion
• Recovery after training
• Asthma
• Diarrhea
• Vaginal discharge
• Headache
• Listlessness
• Overweight
• Libido-increasing
• Adrenal Insufficiency
• Low blood pressure
• Age-related disease
• Concentration disorders
• Stress
• Depression

Use Guarana herbs even when you are recovering from illness to recover faster. Finally, you can use Guarana when you want to stay concentrated longer than usual. For example, when you have a long car ride ahead of you, during exams or when you have to work at night.


Absinth Indian Elements herbs to soothe your stomach

Do you suffer from a tapeworm? Then opt for absinth tea. These herbs help you to expel the tapeworm from your body. However, tapeworms are not too common fortunately. Absinth herbs Indian Elements can also be used for other purposes. For example, when you suffer from stomach cramps or flatulence. With absinthe, the complaints will quickly decrease. In addition, Absinth herbs from Indian Elements also induce menstruation and increase fertility. In men, for example, it increases sperm production. Finally, I would like to point out to you how to increase your appetite. Absinth tea is also the right remedy for this. However, absinth mostly known as hard liquor, but you can do so much more with it than just get really drunk and hallucinate.

Absinth herbs Indian Elements help with the following complaints:

• Tapeworm
• Stomach cramps
• Flatulence
• Bloating
• No appetite

Ginkgo biloba Indian Elements herbs prevents you from aging

The oldest living tree species on earth is about 300 million years old and is called the Ginkgo biloba, or the Japanese walnut tree. The Ginkgo biloba Indian Elements is a product of this medicinal tree. In China, they have been using it to support people's health for over 5,000 years. Scientific research has shown and is recognized as a remedy for display legs. This is pain in the legs caused by narrowing of the arteries in the legs. Shop windows are also a precursor to dementia. Ginkgo biloba helps blood flow more easily through the blood vessels. However, this is not the main reason that Ginkgo biloba herbs are becoming increasingly popular. Ginkgo biloba is known as the memory pill. However, there is no scientific evidence for this, this is not because it has been debunked but because they have not found enough suitable test subjects. However, it is believed in various cultures that Ginkgo biloba improves memory and improves concentration.

Ginkgo biloba herbs Indian Elements help with the following complaints:

• Shop windows
• Respiratory problems
• Bladder problems
• Diabetes
• Kidney problems
• Digestive Problems
• Hearing loss
• Tinnitus (ringing in the ears)
• Amnesia
• Skin diseases
• Anxiety Disorders
• Circulatory problems
• Mild Dementia
• Cardiovascular disease
• Aging
• Concentration problems
• Parkinson's disease
• Multiple Sclerosis
• Schizophrenia
• ADD and ADHD
• Dyslexia

In addition, it is believed that Ginkgo biloba from Indian Elements also offers protection against electromagnetic radiation.


Galangae Indian Elements herbs to get smarter

Galanga or Galangae is a root that belongs to the ginger family. However, Galangae herbs Indian Elements has a different effect than ginger. It increases thinking and concentration and helps to become smarter. In addition, it stimulates digestion and you can use it when you want to lose weight or recover faster when you have been sick. All in all, you can use Galangae to improve your overall vitality. It therefore has a positive effect on the blood circulation and the central nervous system. An additional advantage is that it makes any bad breath disappear and that is important because it is also an aphrodisiac. When you increase your sex drive, you don't want to be rejected because of bad breath.

Galangae herbs Indian Elements help with the following complaints:

• Digestive Problems
• Bad breath
• Libido Problems
• Overweight
• Fertility problems in men
• Diarrhea
• The hiccups
• Throwing up
• Cognitive Degeneration
• Arthritis
• Alzheimer's
• Inflammation
• Cancer (stomach cancer, leukemia, skin cancer, pancreatic cancer, colon cancer, breast cancer, liver cancer)

Skullcap Indian Elements helps against exam anxiety and performance anxiety

Some people are often very nervous and this affects them during daily functioning. Skullcap Indian Elements is a natural remedy to keep your nerves in check. Scutellaria galericulata, scutellaria lateriflora and blue guildwort are other names for Skullcap. The drug is regularly used during exam periods, for example for school exams. You will suffer less from performance anxiety while you can still concentrate well. Skullcap Indian Elements doesn't just help to keep your nerves in check. It also helps to get a good night's sleep. It is a soothing, natural sleep aid and is regularly used in the alternative treatmentsmedicine.

Herbal Skullcap Indian Elements has a positive effect on the following complaints:

• Fear of failure
• Exam Anxiety
• Sleeping problems
• Inflammation
• Arthritis
• Inflammatory Bowel Disease
• Diabetes
• Headache
• Fever
• Gout
• Epilepsy
• Spasms
• Menstruation


Mitragyna Javanica Indian Elements herbs to reduce stress

Have you been very busy lately? Are you feeling stressed? Then Mitragyna Javanica from Indian Elements help you to get on your feelings of stress. These herbs are often used to reduce stress, anxiety and depression. You may recognize the name Mitragyna Javanica. It is in fact related to Mitragyna Speciosa. You may also know Mitragyna Speciosa under the name kratom. The effects of both herbs are similar, but Mitragyna Javanica is the light variant of kratom.

Mitragyna Javanica herbs Indian Elements have a positive effect on the following complaints:

• Stress
• Anxiety Disorder
• Depression

Muira Puama Indian Elements herbs for a better libido

This natural libido enhancer is also known as ‘potency wood’. Muira Puama Indian Elements increases the libido in men and increases the lust in women. The means for a banging and exciting sex life. It is therefore a well-known aphrodisiac in Brazil, and that promises something with the hot evenings where Brazilë is known for. There are even rumors that Muira Puama can make your penis bigger. Both in length and in thickness. In any case, it ensures a stronger erection that lasts longer, more sperm and better sperm quality. In addition to these great aphrodisiac effects, Muira Puama from Indian Elements also has effects that are beneficial for overall human health . A true miracle herb.

Muira Puama herbs Indian Elements have a positive effect on the following complaints:

• Sexual Disorders
• Impotence
• Stomach upset
• Rheumatism
• Menstrual disorders
• Lack of appetite
• Stress
• Fears
• Negative thoughts
• The transition

Muira Puama

Mitragyna Hirsuta Indian Elements herbs to calm down

Another relative of kratom is Kra Thum Khok aka Mitragyna Hirsuta. It also has much lighter effects than kratom, but basically does the same thing. At a low dose, Mitragyna Hirsuta has a stimulating effect, at a high dose, Mitragyna Hirsuta has a calming effect.

Mitragyna Hirsuta herbs Indian Elements have a positive effect on the following complaints:

• Tensions

Cola Nut Indian Elements herbs to lose weight

The Indian Elements Cola Nut is the way to lose weight and that's good news for overweight people. It increases your energy level so that you can exercise intensively for longer, such as dancing, sports but also sex. In addition, it improves fat burning, stimulates perspiration and suppresses the feeling of hunger. The Cola Nut is also known as the Kola Nut in the Netherlands. The caffeine in the Cola Nut have several advantages. For example, it blames the airways in patients who suffer from asthma. In addition, it increases your alertness, makes you excited and in some cases can act as an aphrodisiac.

Cola Nut herbs Indian Elements have a positive effect on the following complaints:

• Overweight
• Fatigue
• Libido complaints
• Asthma
• Concentration problems
• Migraines
• Depression
• Prostate Cancer
• Mild infections

As far as the aphrodisiac effects are concerned, it is special about the kola nut thatthis persists for a long time. According to the latest reports, this libido booster works for up to 8 hours.


Relax Mix Indian Elements herbs to relax

If you want to relax and unwind for an evening, choose the Relax Mix herbs from Indian Elements. It is the way to completely unwind. The Relaxmix from Indian Elements is a combination of three herbs, passion flower, catnip and sweet woodruff. The ideal combination to recover.

Relaxmix Indian Elements herbs have a positive effect on the following complaints:

• Tensions
• Headache
• Migraines
• Kidney stones
• Anxiety and Nerves
• Restlessness
• Sleep problems

Indian Elements herbs for better health

As you can see, Indian Elements offers many different spice mixes to improve health. Whether it's about getting anxiety under control, pain relief, better sleep or the increase libido, there are always herbs from Indian Elements available that can help you feel better.