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Test for drugs

If you want to use drugs, it is important that you use a drug test to prevent you from using bad drugs. Therefore always test your drugs before using them. At 24High you can buy various drug tests to make you feel safe.


Why should I buy a drug test online?

In the past, you could only buy drug tests at festivals and House Parties. Those times, however, are far behind us. With the advent of the internet, you can buy drug tests online. These will be delivered to your home quickly and easily. This without anyone knowing what you ordered. We always send our tests in an anonymous packaging/shipping box. And you also easily avoid paying too much for a drug test. No need for synthetic drug, check out our category Hallucinating herbs or seeds.

Testing the quality of drugs

There are, of course, different types of drug testing. For example, you can use a drug test to show whether someone has used drugs. At 24High, however, we sell drug tests that do not test the person, but rather test the quality of the drugs before someone consumes the drugs. Checking the quality of drugs is something we recommend to all drug users. Safety comes above all else. And that certainly applies to the use of drugs.

Why a drug analysis test for a safe experience?

These drug tests are known as drug analysis tests. This allows you to test the quality of the drugs by looking at the powders and substances that are used in the drugs. This way you know whether you actually have drugs in your hands and which substances these drugs consist of. It is nice for the user to find out whether the drugs are safe for use. For organizers, the drug analysis tests can be used to test whether visitors are carrying drugs. In addition, we also sell Kleaner Bottle for cleaning the oral cavities. Press the pump twice in the mouth and many traces disappear.  

drug test

Which drug test can you buy online in our webshop?

In our webshop you will find several drug tests. Each test focuses on a specific drug. This way you can test whether the drugs are safe before using them. At 24High you can buy the following drug tests:

  • cannabinoids
  • benzos
  • Cocaine
  • Ecstasy
  • GHB
  • heroin
  • ketamine
  • LSD
  • MDMA
  • MCPP
  • opiates
  • THC

Unfortunately, many drugs today are of lower quality. Cutting agents that are a danger to your health are regularly used. So don't take any health risks and test the drugs before using them. This way you can enjoy your drugs with a safe feeling. In addition to these drug tests, we also offer Mescaline cacti. The beauty of most psychedelics is that the ingredients consist of natural substances and not synthetic. This means that psychedelics do not contain any dangerous or added substances, and therefore many times safer than synthetic drugs.

Prevent bad trips and avoid dangerous substances by testing your drugs

Although many thousands of Dutch people use drugs every week, things unfortunately sometimes go wrong. For example, it can lead to an attack on your health, but it can also cause a bad trip. By pre-testing your drugs, you reduce the health risks. Therefore, test for the use of adulterants that are absolutely bad for your health. Sometimes even rat poison is used as a cutting agent. Of course, you don't want to take that kind of stuff! Prevent this by testing your drugs.



Are psychedelic herbs safe without testing?

Why not use herbs instead of using herbs the real drug. This way you remove a lot of risk, such as impurity, which street drugs often entail. For example, if you look at Kanna then you will see that it has a lot of comparison with Cocaine. Perhaps a little milder and a little more euphoric, but in general the effects are very similar to those of Cocaine. 

Kratom is another herb that is very similar in effects to those of Opiates. At a low dose there is a stimulating and euphoric effect at a higher dose works Kratom a little more calming. We offer many more psychedelics with mindblowing effects. Such as the magic truffles and magic mushrooms. These are harmless (provided you take prescription mental medication) and can provide you with a great trip.

Test drugs yourself

For example, you can choose to send your drugs for a test. This will give you an answer to whether these drugs are safe to use. However, it will take a long time to get this answer. Fortunately, you can get a quick answer to whether your drugs are safe, pure and of high quality. You do this by testing your drugs yourself. You can buy these self-drug tests online in our webshop. We have written a blog  with the title and content: Why Test Drugs Before Use. It contains more information about the benefits of testing your drugs. You can buy these self-drug tests online in our webshop. After all, you want to avoid buying contaminated drugs that can be life-threatening to your health. A drug test rules out these kinds of dangers by indicating that the drugs being tested are contaminated.

How to avoid a bad trip by testing your drugs?

Drug testing is not just about demonstrating the purity and quality of the drugs. It also helps increase the likelihood of safe drug use. Prevent the ingestion of life-threatening substances, but also the chance of a bad trip. You don't want to end up on a bad trip. The consequences of a bad trip can lead to long-term problems. That's why we always advise testing for example your XTC before using.

How does a drug test work?

The drug tests you buy online in our webshop are easy to use. This way, you can easily and quickly see whether you are dealing with safe drugs or not. You simply mix a little bit of the drugs with the liquid to see what's in the drugs. This is indicated by a color change of the liquid. You can read what this color means on the drug test. Fortunately, you only need a small amount of the drugs to test the drugs. So you still have enough drugs left to use.


Vitamins for faster recovery after drug intake

After taking psychedelic or synthetic drugs require the body to make up for the vitamin deficiencies incurred through its use. The body needs a lot of rest and food/vitamins such as vitamin C for good recovery. Vitamin C is the only vitamin that the body can not produce itself.

Drug use

Let it be clear that 24High advises against the use of illegal drugs. After all, it is not forbidden for nothing. However, we do believe that if you do choose to use drugs, it is wise to test the drugs before use. After all, your safety is the most important thing. That is why you can buy online drug tests in the 24High webshop that you can use yourself. In minutes, you will know if the drugs are safe to use. We also offer many other smart drugs in our smartshop.

Order your own drug tests online

Therefore, choose the right drug test from our webshop for the drugs you want to use. We ensure that you receive the drug test quickly so that you do not have to run any risks when using drugs. We deliver the drug test of your choice to your home quickly and discreetly. In addition, we also offer many psychedelics that have comparable effects to synthetic drugs. For those who are not interested in drugs or psychedelics, we also offer herbs with a medicinal effect.