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Passionate and erotic nights with long-lasting energy screaming through the body with our aphrodisiac products! Has the flame gone out after all these years of living with your loved one! Are you looking for tools that can rekindle the flame? No more fast sex but postpone your ejaculation to provide your partner with an unforgettable night? Then order one of these products quickly, they won't disappoint you!


Which erotic and aphrodisiac products can you buy at

At, you can buy highly exciting erotic products for both women and men. Nights of passionate sex or love? It's all possible with our erotic aphrodisiac products. We offer many aphrodisiac erotic aphrodisiac products, from aphrodisiacs, erection pills to even penis enlargement capsules and natural Viagra. A few drops of our Spanish or Mexican fly will make your wife tremble with excitement. In addition, we also offer a spray that makes it possible to delay ejaculation.

Does Kratom have subtle euphoric and stimulating effects to promote the sex drive?

Kratom has a stimulating and euphoric effect with a low dose. These two effects work well together as an aphrodisiac. We recommend large dose Kratom as this induces an opium-like intoxication/high.

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Are there any lust stimulating products for women?

We also offer enough products for women with regard to lust, sex, and excitement. Let's take, as an example, 2Seduce Female Tighten Gel. This gel ensures that the vaginal walls tighten. The vaginal walls are sensitive and when they close exactly around the penis this will bring maximum pleasure. Black Stone Delay Spray actually says it all, this spray slows down the ejaculation process so that you can have sex for much longer. This means no more 1 minute man! Of course, we also sell products that can be taken together, such as, MCSX! These are capsules for the man or woman that increase energy, arouse desire and provide excitement. Very popular because they can be used together.

Why are hallucinating herbs not aphrodisiacs?

Do not use hallucinogenic herbs if you are planning a romantic evening. Hallucinating herbs are not aphrodisiacs and can completely ruin your evening. Hallucinating herbs are only meant for a great trip experience, a spiritual journey or self-reflection. Don't take hallucinatory herbs before you plan to have sex.

What are the erotic benefits of L-Arginine?

L-Arginine plays a major role in penile erection. L-Arginine widens the blood vessels so that they can absorb more blood. This has a positive effect on blood flow. L-Arginine is therefore an important ingredient in erection pills because of this effect. It is important that L-Arginine is mixed with other herbs for an extra long effect. The effects of L-Arginine disappear fairly quickly after ingestion, so L-Arginine is often mixed with medicinal herbs as Horny goat, Maca or Muira Puama.


Why are the Mexican or Spanish Fly famous for its aphrodisiac and erotic effects?

The erotic Spanish-Latin drops are world-famous and for good reason! These erotic and aphrodisiac love drops contain a high dose of L-Arginine! L-Arginine is an amino acid that increases libido and blood flow to the clitoris in women and erection in men. It works aphrodisiac in women but also in men! With just a few erotic drops of L-Arginine you are assured of an exciting evening full of eroticism! We offer a wide range of different flavours of sweet Spanish Lovedrops such as: banana, cola, apple and strawberry, plenty of choice for everyone! This is a true aphrodisiac in a jar!

Does Kanna have aphrodisiac properties? 

Kanna also has aphrodisiac properties of historical values. This unique root was mainly used by the Khoikhoi tribe from South Africa. In addition to its aphrodisiac properties, Kanna also intoxicating relaxing effects.

Is the Happy Caps Sex-E the ultimate erotic aphrodisiac?

The Happy Caps Sex-E is extremely popular because of its unique mix of an extraordinarily high dose of L-Arginine and Damiana (L-Arginine 125mg, Damiana 100mg)! This unique blend with a large number of added vitamins makes this capsule "a one of a kind" aphrodisiacs! The erotic and aphrodisiac Happy Caps Love- E transform you into a love god within an hour of ingestion! A euphoric and feeling of warmth and sex drive invades the body followed by tingling! Suitable for him and her! 

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Devils Candy Monster Cock Special Formula for a huge cock?

Have you always wanted a Monster Cock that is possible from now on! You have to have something for it, but results can certainly be achieved. A course of at least 3 to 6 months is recommended to increase the length of the penis. As the treatment progresses, the length will also grow. Many users report a big difference after a course of 6 months, especially in the size of the penis when flaccid. Devils Candy Monster Cock will not disappoint you and the erotic fantasies of your lover fulfil!

Stiff-X, the natural Viagra for a hard and long-lasting erection

Why go for a Viagra when you can try Stiff-X natural herbal blend. This herbal mix is ​​specially formulated for a long-lasting and hard erection. In addition, the hard erection is accompanied by aphrodisiac feelings. The ingredients: Lycium fruit, Codonopsis, Angelica root, Horny goat, Cuscuta, Eucommia and Rubus work sublimely together with amazing results! Try this natural erotic Viagra what have you got to lose! A great resource, for example, when you go to the red light district for an erotic experience. 


Does the Devils Candy Sperm Flood produces an immense erotic ejaculation?

This erotic product will make your lover or partner fall back after ejaculation. There is no such thing as a tsunami! The ingredients are: Maca, Guarana Extract, Kola Nut Extract, Muira Puama, L-Taurine, Zinc Monomethione, Ginkgo Biloba, L-Arginine and Vitamin B3. Just like with the aphrodisiac and erotic Monster Cock from Devils Candy, you will have to follow a cure to get results. A course of this product will stimulate the production of sperm cells. In addition, sperm motility will increase and promote faster recovery after ejaculation. The Devils Candy Sperm Flood is unique because of its composition of aphrodisiac and erotic spices and vitamins.

Why should you buy erotic or aphrodisiac products at 24High?

Buy erotic or aphrodisiac products simple and easy at! We sell many aphrodisiac and erotic herbs/medicines, each with its own special effects for each specific purpose. If you buy in our smartshop of our erotic or aphrodisiac products, we will of course pack it with great care and ship it discreetly. If you have any questions about any erotic product, do not hesitate and contact us. We want you to be happy with your purchase. Buy one of these erotically exciting and aphrodisiac products in our smartshop quickly and surprise your girlfriend, or lover!