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Top 10 Headshop


The Top-10 Favourites Headshop products at 24High! 

The top-10 of Headshop products changes regularly, but there are products that often reach the top-10 Headshop. These are often grinders, smoking pipes, cannabis edibles, stash cans, water pipes, rolling papers or other cannabis related products. This is not surprising since a large part of our Headshop range consists of products that allow smoking cannabis or other herbs. Visit our Top-10 Headshop occasionally to keep up to date with popular items!

What is a top-10 Headshop weed or cannabis grinder?

A grinder is a weed grumbler and this one definitely belongs in our top-10 Headshop. A grinder has become an integral part of cannabis culture. The grinder was designed and welcomed with open arms by many cannabis enthusiasts. Cheap grinders often get stuck because of the THC that is released during use. For us there is 1 grinder that always deserves a permanent place in the Top-10 Headshop. That is not the Thorinder, although these are certainly very good grinders, but the SLX grinders non-sticky coating. In addition to these two exclusive grinders, we also offer many other grinders made of different materials.

Looking for a top-10 grinder that will never get stuck with THC again?

The top-10  Nano-Coating SLX grinder is such a grinder. Our favourite because of the High-tech Nano coating. This coating ensures that the THC cannot stick to the grinder. The price of these grinders is also high, but they last a very long time and do not get stuck! This SLX grinder is suitable for the real cannabis enthusiast and actually belongs to place 1 in our top-10 Headshop!

grinder cannabis

How do you smoke cannabis? 

All cannabis smoking accessories belong in our Top-10 Headshop! Whether it's a water pipe, cannabis pipe, rolling papers, filters, grinder, lighter or an ashtray. They are all necessary from manufacturing your cannabis joint to smoking it. The easiest way to smoke your cannabis is with a bong, simple pipe or related products such as The Weezy and the Budbomb.

How do you smoke cannabis with a Budbomb?

The top-10 Headshop Budbomb is, say, an aluminium joint. On the inside is a chamber with a spiral in which you put cannabis. You light the Budbomb at the front, just like with a joint. The Budbom is easy to carry and fill and smoke. The Budbomb is a product that is often ordered and therefore belongs in the Top-10 Headshop!

How do you smoke cannabis with a Bong?

The popular top-10 Headshop Tsunami-glass bongs have a high art content when it comes to quality, taste, draw volume and appearance. A bong is easy to use and will always earn a place in the top-10 Headshop. You put water in the bong and first place a screen or filter in the bowl. You fill the bowl with cannabis and keep a lighter at hand. Place your mouth on the mouthpiece and light the cannabis and at the same time take a hit through the mouthpiece and don't forget to blow out!

smoking weed

What is a top-10 CBD edilbe?

CBD (Cannabinoid) is a substance found in the cannabis plant. The top 10 Headshop CBD edible is often a candy or brownie with CBD. CBD can help with many physical or mental ailments. It is always wise to get some information yourself by reading one of our blogs and other online resources of course. You can also find more information about CBD in the description of the CBD-Edible products. We offer many different CBD edibles, from lollipops to Cannabis leafs and multiple chocolate cakes or brownies. 

CBD lollipops Dr. Candy 

Deliciously sweet top-10 Headshop lollipops with CBD in many different flavours. The Dr. Candy lollipops are sold continuously. These lollipops of unique design not only taste good, but also contain the substance CBD! Available in the flavours Pineapple, Piña colada, Cola, Apple, Cherry and Orange.

Cannabis Bears CBD Dr. Candy

The well-known CBD edible Gummi Bears were the first candies to contain CBD. This top-10 Headshop Gummi Bear mix contains a combination of different flavours. Easy to dose and take with you. Each gummy bear contains a whopping 5mg of CBD.  To really make CBD work, it is best to take CBD for a longer period of time so that a level of CBD is built up in the blood. 

Cannabis Leafs CBD Dr. Candy

These delicious top-10 Headshop gummi leaves, with no less than 5 mg of CBD per cannabis leaf, are delicious sweet treats. Easy to dose, to take with youn and to consume. These gummi cannabis leaves really look like cannabis leaves. The appearance of these top-10 CBD candies will do well at a party. CBD will not get you stoned or high. 

cannabis edibles

Where can I store weed, herbs or other personal products?

We offer many stash cans / storage boxes in which you can store psychedelics, herbs, or weed. Our top-10 Headshop now includes a Stahscan. This offers a perfect hiding place for your personal belongings. We also offer many other storage products from the Vitavac brand. These handy round storage boxes pull the contents into a vacuum when closed, so that the contents stay fresh longer! Stahscans will always be part of a good top-10 Headshop. 

420 Lifestyle and the Headshop

In modern society, the acceptance of cannabis is gradually increasing. This has led to the rise of the so-called "420 lifestyle", a lifestyle in which the use of cannabis is central. The 420 lifestyle is more than just the use of cannabis: it also includes a certain attitude to life, clothing style, music and art, all influenced by cannabis culture.

Where can I buy a top-10 Headshop products?

Today, the Headshop has virtually disappeared from the streets. Online is the way to order your Headshop products and this is easy with us. It's simple, and you don't have to leave the house. Once you have made a choice from our top 10 Headshop, we will pack the goods carefully and send them with a track and trace code. This way you are always aware of where your package is!