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CBD Hashish

Do you want to enjoy CBD using a bong or vaporizer or in a joint? Then choose CBD hashish. The CBD hashish that we offer in our webshop has a high CBD content with 22%. Find out which taste suits you the best and start enjoying the convenience of CBD hashish.


What is CBD-hash?

Hash comes from the hemp plant. As you probably know, this contains many different substances. One such substance is cannabidiol (CBD). CBD-hash has a high CBD content, namely 22%. The psychoactive substance THC is only 0.2% present in this hash. CBD hash is also known as CBD jelly due to the sticky nature of the hash.

What is are the effects of CBD-hash?

The composition of this cannabidiol hash ensures that you get all the goodness of CBD without getting you stoned or high. This is due to the low THC content present in the CBD-hash. This allows you to enjoy the medical benefits of CBD, but also remove the sharp edges of THC from smoking cannabis. Cannabidiol actually reduces the effect of THC.


What are the benefits of cannabidiol?

Cannabinoid is one of the substances contained in the cannabis plant. The advantage of CBD (cannabidiol) is that there are strong indications that it has a beneficial effect on many symptoms and even diseases. These can be chronic illnesses or feelings of pain, but also milder complaints such as difficulty relaxing, stress and insomnia. The official name of CBD is cannabidiol. CBD has no hallucinatory effects and contains no psychoactive substances. It will not get you stoned or high. CBD is found in various products, including in sports supplements.

Can CBD-hash reduce the effect of THC?

There are cannabis varieties of which the ratio between Cannabidiol and THC is in balance. However, there are also cannabis varieties with a very high THC content. By using CBD you can weaken the power of THC. At least that's what scientific research shows. Combining CBD-hash with THC-rich weed can reduce the psychoactive compounds in THC. That means you get less stoned.

How to use CBD-hash?

You can use the CBD-hash in different ways. You can crumble it in a joint. You can combine this with, for example, weed. It is also possible to use this CBD hash in a bong or water pipe. With some vaporizers it is possible to vaporize the CBD hash. However, this does not apply to all vaporizers on the market. Take a good look at which vaporizers are suitable for this.


Looking for more ways to consume CBD-hash?

Then you can choose to use CBD-hash in food. It could be anything. Think, for example, of a smoothie, pancake, ice cream or, for example, in cookies. Why can you just buy this hash online? Since cannabidiol hash contains a maximum of 0.2% THC, it does not fall under the opium law in the Netherlands, for example. This ensures that you can order this hash legally online in the Netherlands. CBD is, after all, legally available in the Netherlands. That is why you can easily order cannabidiol hash or CBD-oil online, and you do not have to go to a coffee shop for it.

Buy hashish online

The CBD-hash is now also available in our online CBD-shop. Buy your hash easily, quickly and discreetly in our webshop. We will send it your way immediately.