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Top 10 Mushrooms

Here you can find an overview of the 10 most sold mushrooms, truffles and magic mushrooms. These magic mushrooms bring you all in higher realms. Prepare for a great trip after taking these mushrooms. Whether you choose mushrooms or magic truffles.


Mushrooms and psilocybe Magic mushrooms

In Dutch, magic mushrooms literally translates to mushrooms. In the smartshop we talk about magic mushrooms or truffles when we talk about psychedelic mushrooms. There is a difference between the two mushrooms that we will explain below. All psychedelic mushrooms have the purpose of making you trip, and they are good at that. Anyway, the best magic mushrooms can be found in the online Mushroomshop 24High. That's why this top 10 mushrooms, so you can immediately see which products are the most popular.

Psychedelic psilocybe mushrooms

We call psychedelic mushrooms. However, the sale of these mushrooms is currently prohibited in the Netherlands. That is why smart shops no longer offer fresh or dried magic mushrooms, but they do still offer options for growing them yourself. This is still allowed. You can grow mushrooms with the grow kit when you are a beginner. If you are a more advanced grower, you can make the switch to growing from mushroom spores.

Magic psychedelic psilocybe truffles

Although the sale of mushrooms that you can eat directly is banned, online smartshops still sell magic truffles. You can order these ready-to-eat and ready-to-eat online. You can still sell this form of psychedelics and psilocybin according to the law. Magic truffles are a by-product of the mushroom. Just like the mushroom, you ingest the psychoactive substances psilocybin and psilocin and this is the substance with which you can trip.

The effects of psychedelic psilocybe mushrooms

Psilocybin mushrooms will make you trip. That is why they are often called magic mushrooms. With this designation, you know that something special is waiting for you. A trip of psychedelic mushrooms ensures that you can experience hallucinations, both visually and auditory. You can also have deep conversations with yourself.

Types of psychedelic mushrooms

Like Basically, there are two different types of psychedelics with psilocybin. These are the magic mushroom and the truffles. However, here too you have different types. For example, you have Hawaiian truffles or Cambodian magic mushrooms. All these mushrooms grow in different places in the world. That means different weather conditions, different breeding grounds. This ensures that they grow and look in a different way, but also give a different trip. They differ in strength.

Microdosing dried mushrooms or fresh truffles

Also the sale of dried psychedelic mushrooms has been restricted in the Netherlands. This already happened in 2008. Dried mushrooms are therefore no longer available at online smart shops. Fresh magic truffles, on the other hand, still do. You can choose whether to grind and encapsulate dried mushrooms or go for ready-made fresh truffles microdosing. We offer microdosing fresh truffles with 6 x 1 gram doses good for 12 days.

Fresh psychedelic mushrooms banned? How can I still eat magic mushrooms

If I still want to trip on magic mushrooms, how do I do that? Because yes, I can still buy dried magic truffles, but I want magic mushrooms.  The answer is simple. You will have to grow these yourself, this is not prohibited and therefore completely legal in the Netherlands. Online smartshops offer magic mushroom grow kits for this. In some cases, these are ready-made so that you can immediately start growing shrooms. You can also choose to buy mushroom spores. With this, you can determine the conditions under which you grow the psychedelic mushrooms.

Growing psychedelic mushrooms yourself

When you choose ready-to-use mushroom grow kit, growing magic mushrooms is very easy. It really can't go wrong. We recommend using grow supplies. You follow the instructions, and then it is actually a matter of patience. For novice mushroom growers, we therefore advise starting with grow kits that are ready-to-use. If you are more advanced, you can make the step to magic mushroom spores.

The Lion's Mane Lollypop

A Lion's Mane lollypop is a sweet Mushroom Edible that contains extract from the Lion's Mane mushroom. This mushroom is known for its neuroprotective and neurogenetic properties, meaning it can support brain health and even help repair and grow neurons.

Buy psychedelic mushrooms online

Buying a magic mushroom can be done online. There are many online smart shops where you can buy magic mushrooms online. Ordering fresh ready-made psychedelic mushrooms is no longer possible, but you can order fresh truffles. You can of course order the mushroom grow kits online at 24High. As well as the magic truffles. In addition, we also offer medicinal mushrooms. These do not give any psychedelic effects. After you have ordered a psychedelic magic mushroom or other products online, we will ship them as soon as possible. The order will be shipped within 24 hours at the latest. The order will be packed in a discreet and anonymous box.