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24High is an online headshop where you can buy the best headshop products. Our headshop delivers products throughout the Netherlands and Europe. All these products are of high quality and are delivered quickly to your home.


What is a headshop?

A headshop sells products for recreational drug users. Here you can, for example, buy grinders, rolling papers, snuff items, encapsulation machines, extraction systems and water pipes. This does not only apply to physical stores in the Netherlands. You can also find these articles in the online headshops on the internet. On this page we explain everything you need to know about a headshop and discover more for which products you can go to a headshop. So you immediately know what to expect.

Headshops in the Netherlands

There are very few headshops in the Netherlands that only sell a range of headshop products. The Smart drug scene fits in well with the headshop products. The headshop supports and sells tools to simplify the use of smart drugs. This is the reason why most also have a smartshop offer. In other countries in Europe there are standalone headshops. This is because the sale of Smart drug products is often banned in these countries.

How did headshops originate?

Now that you know more about what a headshop is and the difference between headshops in the Netherlands and the rest of Europe, we would like to explain to you how headshops originated. Although they are very popular in the Netherlands, the first headshop did not arise in the Netherlands. This honor belongs to America. In 1966 three shops opened their doors in San Francisco, New York and Texas. This stemmed from the rise of the Hippie culture. The first headshop was opened by Vietnam veteran Ron Thelin and was called 'The Psychedelic Shop'.

What can you buy at a headshop ?

You can go to headshops to buy various supplies and accessories for recreational drug users. To give you a good idea of ​​the products on offer, we give you a short explanation of what the main products are.

Grinders: not only for weed!

Have a look at an (online) headshop, then you will surely grinders. A grinder is a crumb to grind smoker's products. Think of weed, magic mushrooms, hash or herbs. A very useful and popular product. Grinders are available in various designs. If you want to crumble weed, you can use a plastic grinder, or a weed grinder. For crumbling hash, it is recommended to opt for a metal grinder. This type of grinder is sturdier, so it breaks less quickly than a plastic version. This type of grinder is also known as a magic mushroom grinder.


Another popular item in the world of headshops is snuff. This could be a snuff scoop, snuff bullet, snuff spoon chain, snuff vacuum cleaner or snorters. With snuff items you ensure that you can measure the correct amount of a remedy in a hygienic way. Recently, more and more attention has been paid to the looks of the sniff items. For example, with a number of sniffing articles you do not even see that it is an item that you can use for sniffing.

Capsulate machines and extraction systems

With a capsule machine, in other words a capsule machine, you can make your own capsules yourself. Divide the prepared mixture into the capsules and it is possible to make capsules easily and quickly.

Extraction systems are perfect to use if you want to use mind-altering drugs. With an extraction system you can extract the active substances from herbs and leaves. Ideal for the home grower!

Rolling machine

With a rolling machine you can roll a joint simply and easily. Perfect for people who have trouble rolling a joint, but also for people who don't have the have a good surface for rolling joints. For example, think of the park or the beach. In short: a joint rolling machine is an ideal tool to quickly roll the perfect joints.


Water pipes or Bongs are centuries old and yet innovations are still regularly launched. For example, think of a transparent water pipe or a water pipe in a trendy color. A water pipe does not burn the tobacco or herbs, but rather ensures that the herbs or tobacco are heated. A water pipe is the right choice for a true cannabis enthusiast.

Rolling trays

We will stay in for a while the world of joints. A rolling tray is also a handy tool for when you want to roll joints yourself. You can see it as a kind of mini tray on which you can roll your joints. Handy, because that way your table won't get dirty and you can enjoy your fresh joint extra quickly. A rolling tray is a must have for every cannabis user.

Stash boxes

If you want to store valuables properly, a stash box is the solution. These do not stand out among all kinds of everyday items, so you can easily store your valuables. Would you like a weed stash box to store your weed in? These are also available in a stash box without fragrance. This way no one will smell that you are storing weed in the stash box.

Smoking supplies

As a smoker you have countless accessories that make smoking your goods easier. For example, you need long rolling papers to roll a joint. From a box of rolling papers to a single pink rolling papers or a mascot rolling papers: 24high has what you are looking for. Of course, ashtrays should not be missing. From an ashtray with or without lid, boxes and grinders. In addition, a headshop also sells other smoking supplies. How about lighters, for example? From lighting a plasma lighter and a bic to lighting an electric lighter and clipper. It's all possible.

Ways to consume

Now you know what you can buy all of them at 24high's Headshop. But what is the best way to consume drugs? We are happy to explain this to you in more detail.


Do you dream of having your own shisha lounge at your home? Which can! In a headshop you will find all kinds of articles with which you can imitate your own shisha lounge. From a shisha pen to a shisha hose and shisha coals: you will find it all here.


What is dabbing? You may wonder. This is smoking a strong cannabis concentrate using a dab bong. Dabbing is also known as cannabis dabbing. The effects are much greater than when you normally smoke a joint. This is because an inhalation of the same number of herbs has the same effect as taking five to ten inhalations of a joint.


Tobacco smoking used to be done by default via a pipe or a pipe. Today pipes are still used to smoke tobacco, weed or herbs. The big advantage of this is that you can easily take a number of puffs. For example, you don't have to roll a whole joint. Pipes are available in many different colors and made of various materials. From metal to glass: they all exist!


Inhaling through a bong initially often resembles consuming through a water pipe, but it is different. For example, a bong has a wider tube with a mouthpiece. Moreover, you do not smoke a bong with tobacco, but you only smoke pure weed or hash. As a result, hits from a bong often hit harder.

Apple bong

Did you know you can also use an apple use to smoke weed? Simply turn the apple into a pipe. By making a small bowl in the apple and filling it with whatever you want to smoke, you can use the apple as a special bong. This is also called American bong. You make two holes in the apple; one to the side and one straight from above. The two holes meet in the center of the apple. You put a piece of weed in the hole on top of the apple and put your mouth in the hole on the side. Keep your lighter to the weed and catch up leather. You will notice that the smoke has a delicious apple aroma! Of course, this is also possible with other types of hard fruit such as a pear.


Chillums are traditional pipes that you can use for smoking cannabis and hash. Chillums have a cone-like shape and are available in various designs. A popular variety is the Chillum 18 8, a diffuser chillum and chillum bong. Do you want to buy a chillum? These pipes are available in wood, terracotta, and glass.


Finally, you can also take your ideal dose of cannabis or hash through food. One of the best known ways is by making a space cake. But a pot of brownie is also very popular. Online and in books you will find various cannabis recipes where you can make the most delicious bakes with a touch of hash of cannabis.


What other must-haves can you buy at a headshop?

Information books and cookbooks

Would you like to learn more about growing cannabis or magic mushrooms? Then an informative book should not be missing from your bookcase. Various topics are discussed in which various tips and tricks are given to make growing marijuana, cannabis or magic mushrooms even more successful. Highly recommended for both the novice and experienced grower. This way you always have a book to fall back on.

Mini & precision scales

A headshop cannot do without scales. That is why you will often find various versions of scales in the range at a headshop. From mini scales to pocket scales and table scales. It differs per purpose which scale is most suitable. A table scale can easily be placed on the table and is suitable for weighing both small and large portions. Mini scales are very suitable for weighing small portions, as well as pocket scales. The difference between the latter is that you can use the pocket scale easy to take anywhere.

Cleaning products

Hygiene is absolutely important. That is why it is important to handle items with care and to clean them well after use. At a headshop you can buy various cleaning products, such as a screen brush, alcohol swabs, a grinder brush, pipe cleaner and alcohol wipes. This ensures that everything is clean, so that bacteria do not stand a chance and other people can also use your products. Perfect if you're throwing a party.

Want to know more about a headshop?

We hope that after reading this article you will know a lot more about a headshop and which articles you can find here. Do you want to know more about a certain the subject? Feel free to contact us. We are happy to help you!