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4:20 Lifestyle


420 Lifestyle

Welcome to our 4:20 Lifestyle category! In this category, we offer high quality caps that fit a 4:20 Lifestyle! The 4:20 Lifestyle is particularly aimed at cannabis enthusiasts. We currently only offer caps and socks. This category will be supplemented in the future with more, e.g. also 420 and 24High clothing. The caps are from the Lauren Rose brand. These are beautiful ones with unique prints or embroideries of outstanding quality. The caps we offer come in many different fits and types. We offer both trucker, snapback and many other cap types. Check out our 4:20 Lifestyle category because who knows, there might be a cool cap for you!

What does 4:20 mean?

4:20 or 420 indicates a time and date when a group of young people (the Waldo's) agreed to smoke a joint together. This statement became a real trend among cannabis users. For this reason, 20 April (20/4 in American 4/20) 16:20 (4:20) was declared the world's cannabis holiday. As a result, you really come across the term 4:20 wherever cannabis or related products are sold or smoked.

Who is Lauren Rose?

The Lauren Rose brand originated from the Skateborad, BMX and Snowboard scene. The Lauren Rose brand is originally from Amsterdam. These are of superior quality and also often come with a secret pocket where you can keep a pouch, weed or other products. The creativity with which Lauren Rose creates the caps is high. Bright colour combinations, embroidery as well as printing on the inside of the cap are just some of the features of these exclusive Lauren Rose caps. These basebalcaps have a perfect fit!

Which 420 Lifestyle caps do we sell?

We sell not only cannabis-related caps but also other designs such as the truckers cap or the sleek and trendy Inked & caps. Below, we briefly describe the design and features of these Lauren Rose caps:

Lauren Rose Inked & caps

The Inked & caps are exclusive because they are a collaboration between Lauren Rose and Inked. These are caps with a sleek tattoo or other design.

Lauren Rose 420 cap

The 4:20 caps have a print of a well-known cannabis species or other cannabis-related expressions. These baseball-caps with the 420 logo and smoke are also among these. If you are a true cannabis lover, then a Lauren Rose 4:20 cap might be for you!

Lauren Rose Truckers cap

Truckers-caps were initially often worn by truck drivers in the United States. The shape and model of this cap differs, for example, from a Snapback or an original baseball cap. The trucker-caps are very popular due to the model and are eagerly purchased.

Cannabis socks are part of a 420 Lifestyle!

We offer four types of cannabis socks. Three of these are normal-sized socks, i.e. up to over the ankles. These feature cannabis leaves with or without leaves and the 420 logo and one with rasta colours and cannabis leaves. The fourth sock we offer is a single sock with pink cannabis leaves.