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Hallucinating herbs

Do you want to hallucinate? Then take a look at our hallucinating herbs. You can use all these psychedelic herbs to trip. And the great thing is that these hallucinating herbs can all be purchased online in our webshop.


Where can I buy hallucinating herbs online?

Going to a smartshop to buy hallucinogenic herbs is often a bit of a hassle. In the Netherlands it often rains, the train does not run on time, there is always a traffic jam, and we are all very busy with all kinds of things. Fortunately, there are online smartshops where you can easily buy hallucinate herbs online. Your order is anonymous and will be delivered quickly to the indicated address.

Are you going to trip on hallucinatory herbs?

The answer is simple, yes, you will trip from hallucinating herbs. These hallucinogenic herbs bring you to a higher state of consciousness. You experience the world differently, and you can talk to yourself at a higher level. Answers you've been looking for a long time can all come within one trip to questions that always went unanswered. You will enter a higher dimension during your trip. Also, psychedelic seeds like Yopo or LSA (LSA is the natural LSD) can make you hallucinate.

chemical structure DMT

What is tripping?

Tripping is actually nothing more than hallucinating. You see colors more clearly than you are used to. The leaves of a tree will never have been so green. You can also see objects distorting or moving that would normally just be stationary. Think about lampposts that bend over. In addition to these visual hallucinations, you may also experience mental hallucinations. You are going on a kind of spiritual journey. This can lead to the experience of a higher consciousness, answers to questions you have had for a long time and discovery of wishes that were previously hidden from you. If you want to trip with synthetic drugs, we will always recommend testing.

Hallucinate with psychedelic herbs

You probably know the hallucination and tripping of magic mushrooms or magic truffles, but did you know that this is also possible with herbs, cacti and seeds? You can find these hallucinatory herbs in our webshop. One of the most popular are the Baby Hawaiian Woodrose seeds. This gives you strong hallucinations and is therefore recommended for experienced users. Beginners should choose Happy Caps Trip-E.


Where do hallucinogenic herbs come from?

Many hallucinogenic herbs have been around for many years, and their effect is also known by very ancient tribes and peoples. They were the discoverers and these tribes were often not averse to hallucinations and psychedelic herbs. The Shamans point out the knowledge and insights that you can gain during an experience with, for example, Ayahuasca, this is a brew from the Amazon. These herbs were often used and processed into a psychedelic tea for various sacred rituals because it is as if you are talking to the gods when you ingest these hallucinatory herbs. This is also the reason for many people to experiment with psychedelic hallucinogenic herbs.

Kanna and Kratom for euphoria and opium-like effects

Kanna and Kratom will not induce hallucinations, but are definitely psychedelics. If you don't want an intense trip with hallucinations and/or visions, you should Kanna and Kratom can guess. These two herbs provide the right dose of opium-like high. In addition, Kanna also contains aphrodisiac properties. These similar substances are also often used by people who want to get rid of an addiction. The effects can reduce the urge to use drugs, making it easier for the addict to stop.


Can Dream Herbs create Lucid Dreaming?

Dream herbs are herbs that can induce lucid dreams. A lucid dream is consciously experiencing and directing your dreams. In other words, you are awake in your dream. This can be a good alternative to heavy psychedelics. Dream herbs are therefore not hallucinatory herbs. They will not induce hallucinations. It is important with Lucid dreaming that there is a lot of sleep for a period of 4 weeks. It is very important that the full REM sleep cycle is achieved every night.

Increasing demand for hallucinogenic tripping drugs

They have been on the rise for several years now, the trip agents. Not to be used during a festival or an exuberant night out, but rather in a quiet environment. There is a growing need for new personal insights, and the hallucinatory tripping agents can help with that. Everyone wants to get more out of their life and these personal insights are very important for this. You can see them as a key to a new world. A world in which you know exactly what you want and how you can achieve it. Before you start with hallucinogenic herbs or other psychedelics, be well-prepared and ensure a tidy and familiar setting. Put a tripstopper ready just in case, and ask a friend to watch you when you trip with hallucinogenic drugs.

ayahuasca drum

Who use psychedelic hallucinatory  herbs?

More and more people in their twenties and thirties are using psychological herbs for various purposes. Yet there is a common denominator. They all want more depth, more awareness. However, the reason they want this, is different. There are people who are searching and don't know what they want. But there are also people who use trip drugs because they are very insecure. Uncertainty often creates barriers to taking steps to achieve your goals. By psychedelic hallucinatory drugs such as magic mushrooms, truffles, mescaline cacti, seeds and many other products, these barriers disappear, and you see a clear path to reach your goals. The use can therefore provide life-changing experiences.

Can tripping with hallucinatory herbs or psychedelics get you over fears?

But psychedelic herbs not only help for personal development, but also to reduce actual diseases. At least there are indications for that. It can help in the fight against depression and anxiety. Although, we advise you to always and only use hallucinating herbs in consultation with the attending physician if you are experiencing these complaints. The use of these herbs are increasingly applied in this field. It has also shown positive effects in the fight against addictions and even in PTSD. If you find psychedelics scary, we also sell medicinal mushrooms that have a miraculous medicinal effect. 

Order psychedelic drugs online

Sometimes you get a lot of questions when buying psychedelic hallucinating herbs or other psychedelics and if you don't feel like it, you prefer to order it online. So buy your hallucinatory herbs now in the webshop and get them quickly delivered to your home. We package all our herbs in a safe and anonymous way. Are you interested in other smart products? Feel free to take a look around our Smartshop.