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Caapi Trueno Banisteriopsis Indian Spirit

Caapi Trueno Banisteriopsis Indian Spirit
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Ayahuasca(Banisteriopsis caapi) is one of the two main ingredients of a traditional medicinal and visionary brew from the Amazon region. It contains a high percentage of natural MAO-inhibitors and has a strong purgative effect. Some natives have identified more than 40 varieties. Two well-known varieties are Ourinhos and Trueno. "Trueno" means "thunder" and this variety is said to have a particularly strong effect on the body.


First strike the vine with a hammer until it has become a bundle of soft, fibrous threads. A typical dosage for use of just the vine is between 25 and 150 grams, depending on the strain, quality, purpose and of course the sensitivity of the drinker. In Ayahuasca like brews that also contain DMT, usually between 50 and 100 grams is used for lower dosages and 100 to 150 grams for higher dosages.


The primary active ingredients of this part of B. caapi are harmine, harmaline and tetrahydroharmine (Raetsch 2005).


B. caapi contains MAO-inhibiting substances. This means that it can be very dangerous when combined with certain medications, foods or psychoactive substances that are normally not harmful.


Banisteriopsis caapi Indian Spirit - 50 Grams

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