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Ceremonial Herbs


Ceremonial herbs

If you are looking for a way to take a ceremony to the next depth, then adding ceremonial herbs is a good choice. Ceremonial herbs are mixed with water, after which you take it and cleanse your body. This is followed by a spiritual journey that can last from hours to several days, depending on which ceremonial herbs you use and in what way. This spiritual journey is unforgettable and is experienced by most as immensely valuable. Experience it for yourself with ceremonial herbs from 24High!

What are traditional herbs for ceremonies?

Sacred herbs come in many different varieties, but if you want to use them specifically for a spiritual ceremony, it is good to find out what traditional herbs for ceremonies are all about. Here it is good to know that all ceremonial herbs come from ceremonial plants. We list the most common herbs for you!

Ayahuasca ceremony

The most popular ceremonial herbs are the ayahuasca herbs. The ayahuasca ceremony creates a spiritual journey that can generally be experienced as very intense. These spiritual herbs are ingested by drinking them in the form of a tea. This creates a physical reaction, in which first your body is literally cleansed, after which a spiritual cleansing can take place.

Shamanita herbs

At 24High, we are mainly fans of shamanita herbs. This is a natural product, which completely reconnects with nature. This allows you to experience physical harmony, as it makes every step on earth a new step in your spiritual journey. Like the ayahuasca ceremony, a shamanita ceremony involves drinking a tea based on spiritual cleansing.

How do you use ceremonial herbs?

Ceremonial herbs can be taken in different ways, but also have similarities in almost every situation. For instance, it is advisable to always use these spiritual herbs in a group. A spiritual journey can release a lot of emotions, but can also evoke out-of-body effects that can be experienced very intensely. It is therefore good to have someone with you who does not use the herbs, to calm you down if necessary.

In addition, ceremonial herbs can be used in combination with other ceremonial accessories, in some cases also requiring an extra person to practice the accessories. If you have little experience with the use of sacred herbs, it is also a good idea to hire an extra person for this, who knows the origin and therefore the tradition of the herbs. This way, you stay closest to the spiritual power of the herbs.

Buy ceremonial herbs

Would you like to buy ceremonial herbs in order to experience a spiritual journey? 24High has a wide range in these herbs and is happy to help you find the perfect herbs for your journey. Feel free to contact us, or place your order right away!