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Welcome to our cannabis seeds 24High Seedshop!

In our seed shop, we offer many different brands of marijuana seeds. A cannabis seed-bank is a company dedicated to breeding and creating well-known and new cannabis plants. By crossing multiple cannabis genetics, new cannabis strains are created. These marijuana strains can range from cannabis strains high in CBD, high in THC or low in THC. CBD is a substance that can make a positive contribution to health, and THC is the substance that gets one high or stoned.

What types of weed seeds do we offer?

We sell CBD, Feminised, Autoflower, Regular, Outdoor and High THC content marijuana seeds in our Seedshop. Each of these has its unique properties. A feminized seed is a female plant. The female plant is the cannabis plant that gives buds. So you want to grow a cannabis plant of female nature only. An autoflower seed is a seed that sprints into flowering automatically and therefore not by the number of hours of light. These plants remain small due to a short growth period, this makes these suitable for indoor cultivation. Outdoor-seeds are very suitable for outdoor cultivation. High in THC-seeds are very strong marijuana seeds with strong effects.

What brands of marijuana seeds do we offer in our Seedshop?

Each brand of a marijuana seed, which we offer, sell Autoflower, Feminised, CBD and high THC-seeds. Of course, each weed seed-bank has their own special crossed strains. Below, we will briefly highlight the cannabis seed banks:

Amsterdam Genetics

Amsterdam Genetics originated in 1985 in the epicenter of the marijuana capital of the world, namely Amsterdam. Amsterdam Genetics stands for great quality. We have included Amsterdam Genetics in our range for the reason.

Barney's Farm

A great cannabis seeds breeder that is conquering Europe and the world. With coffee shops in Amsterdam and a great team with extraordinary knowledge about the cannabis they offer, Barney's Farm sincerely belongs in our Seedshop.

Dutch Passion

Pioneer in the field of marijuana seed crossing and developing new genetics. Dutch Passion started dealing with marijuana seeds as early as the 1970s. Now, many years later, Dutch Passion is one of the largest marijuana seed suppliers in the world.

Green House Seeds

Green House Seeds is the crème de la crème in the cannabis market. This team full of firsts in the field of cannabis genetics and breeding travel the world in search of non-cannabis strains in the wild. Greenhouse is also definitely among the largest cannabis seed-banks in the world. Moreover, they have unique documentaries on Youtube about the search worldwide for new cannabis strains.

Royal Queen Seeds

RQS offers a huge variety of marijuana seeds. From feminized, autoflower, CBD, to High THC USA-premium marijuana seeds. We decided to include a large portion in our Seedshop because of this great range and high quality. RQS a wonderful company who have brought many cup winning seeds to the market.

Sensi Seeds

Another giant in the cannabis seed-bank world. Sensi Seeds, like Green House, is among the largest cannabis seed-bank in the world. There is no denying this when you look at the number of cannabis cups won. They have managed to bring in an incredible number of 51 marijuana cup winners.

Vision Seeds

Compared to the weed seed companies above, VisionSeeds is the youngest company. This company has been selling weed seeds since 1995. The prices and quality are outstanding. VisionSeeds offer a great product for both the professional or novice marijuana grower. A large range with something for everyone.

Buying marijuana seeds at 24High Seedshop

Whether you're looking for feminized, CBD, autoflower, outdoor or high THC marijuana plants? We offer them all competitively priced in our Seedshop! Do you have any questions about a cannabis seed? Don't hesitate and contact us ( We will help you make the right choice as best we can.