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Brands - Royal Queen Seeds

Purplematic CBD - 5 Seeds  (RQ)
Medical CBD Mix
Royal Medic
Stress Killer Automatic CBD - 3 seeds
Royal Highness
Painkiller XL
Medical Mass
Dance World
Amnesia Haze Feminised - Royal Queen Seeds
North Thunderfuck (RQ)
Blue Cheese Feminised
Bubblegum XL Feminised
Royal Gorilla - Royal Queen Seeds
Green Gelato Feminised - 3 Seeds (RQ)
HulkBerry (Royal Queen Seeds) feminized
Northern Light Feminised
O.G. Kush Feminised
Royal Cheese (Fast Flowering)
Candy Kush Express (Fast Flowering)
Skunk XL Feminized ( Royal Queen Seeds )
Sour diesel Feminised
Special kush 1 ( Royal Queen Seeds ) Feminized
Special Queen 1 Feminised
White Widow Feminised
Lemon Shining Silver Haze Feminised
Chocolate Haze Feminised
Royal Cookies ( Royal Queen Seeds ) Feminized
Blue Cheese Automatic
White Widow Automatic (royalqueenseeds)
Royal Haze Automatic
Royal Cheese Automatic
Royal AK Automatic
Royal Critical Automatic
Quick One Automatic
Northern Light Automatic
Easy Bud - Automatic - 3 Seeds
Diesel Automatic
Bubble Kush Automatic
Fat Banana Automatic - 5 Seeds  (RQ)
Autoflowering mix
Amnesia Haze Automatic
Royal Kush Automatic 3 seeds
Sweet Skunk Automatic

Royal Queen Seeds are cannabis seeds of the highest quality

Royal Queen Seeds could well be one of the world's leading cannabis seed producers. With an incredibly wide range of feminized, autoflower, CBD, USA-premium and many other cannabis-seeds, you simply cannot ignore Royal Queen Seed. They are not only based in the Netherlands but also in Spain, Barcelona on the well-known Rambla. Royal Queen Seeds has beautifully described their vision and motto:

If you have the passion, you can grow quality genetics!

And this is exactly what Royal Queen Seeds does. They create quality genetics cannabis-seeds and are certainly not shy about sharing them with fellow enthusiastic cannabis growers. Royal Queen Seeds, like other cannabis seed brands, is always on the lookout for the best genetics for their guests. They invest huge amounts of money on innovative ideas and resources to make the cannabis sector flourish. Moreover, stand at every cannabis fair to connect with their guests all over the world.

What are Royal Queen Seeds feminized, autoflower, CBD, USA-premium and regular cannabis seeds?

This company offers so many different types of cannabis-seeds that we understand that sometimes you don't know which one to choose. Besides the different types of genetic cannabis strains, there are also feminized, autoflower, CBD, USA-premium and regular cannabis-seeds. But what does this mean?

Royal Queen Seeds feminized cannabis seeds

A feminized cannabis seed is a 99.9% certain to be a female cannabis-seed. Why is this important? A male cannabis seed does not produce cannabis buds. When you buy cannabis seeds, though, you want to make sure you can harvest big fat buds from your cannabis plant. A male plant does not produce buds, but flowers. This is of course very nice for the garden, but certainly not for a cannabis user.

Royal Queen Seeds autoflowering cannabis seeds

Royal Queen Seeds autoflowering seeds are also 99.9% female. The difference with the feminized cannabis seeds is that the cannabis plant of the autoflower cannabis-seeds itself starts flowering after about two to three weeks, regardless of the number of light hours per day. So the autoflower cannabis plants will flower on their own. This often means that the plants will be small and ideal for indoor cultivation. If you want to grow an outdoor plant, the autoflower is a lot less suitable. After all, you want a large plant that grows with the light given by the sun. This means that the growth process takes much longer than 2 to 3 weeks, resulting in a much larger cannabis plant. Of course, other cannabis-seed banks such as, for example;

Royal Queen Seeds CBD cannabis seeds

Just like other brands such as Paradise Seeds or Dutch Passion Seeds, Royal Queen Seeds also sells CBD seeds. Again, these are female cannabis seeds. CBD cannabis-seeds are high in CBD. CBD or cannabidiol is a substance in the cannabis plant that can be used for medicinal purposes. Often these cannabis strains are used by individuals who like to smoke a weed for medicinal use.

Royal Queen Seeds USA-premium cannabis seeds

Royal Queen Seeds has responded well to the cannabis market by coming out with an exclusive cannabis-seeds line, USA-premium! In some states, cannabis use and cultivation has not been prohibited for a long time. This has established the USA as the cannabis Capitol of the world. Legalizing cannabis has opened up a range of possibilities for creating the strongest and tastiest cannabis strains. RQS has taken inspiration and started its own USA-premium line. Incredibly potent weed strains some of which even have 30% THC!