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Spiritual ceremony

With a spiritual ceremony, you celebrate the spirit. By using the right accessories for this, you enrich your experience and come deeper to yourself. Thus, a spiritual ceremony is a wonderful experience where mind and body come together. It is good to know that spiritual ceremonies come in different types and can be used differently for everyone. We are happy to take you into this world!

Meaning and purposes of a spiritual ceremony

Ceremonies are a time to pause and seek connection with your spiritual nature. But you often go a step further than just reflection, as you find qualities within yourself to celebrate. You might find things in yourself during a spiritual ceremony that you didn't know about yourself before, or learn to find balance between your good and lesser qualities.

A spiritual ceremony can also be used to get in touch with something higher. For this, the help of a shaman is often asked, but it is also possible to do this yourself, provided you have the right supplies. Because you enter into a ceremony with intention, you manifest that this will actually come true. You cultivate trust and thus find a deeper connection with yourself and your will.

Different ceremonies

A ceremony can be performed in different types. The execution very much depends on what exactly you are looking for. A spiritual ceremony can be used to get in touch with something higher, but it can also be used to form a deeper connection with yourself. These ceremonies are performed differently. Examples of components you can use for the different ceremonies are:

  • Ceremony with cocoa: cocoa is a plant medicine and therefore helps us get in touch with the earth's natural resources. Ceremonial cocoa can be used to make coffee, but it can also be burnt and used for its fragrance, helping during meditation.
  • Ceremony with herbs: ceremonial herbs are used in a different way, namely by mixing them and drinking them as a kind of tea. This can put you into a violent trance, which can sometimes last several days. In this trance, you enrich yourself with experiences that will stay with you for life.
  • Ceremony with smokables: scent is an enriching way to come to yourself. With ceremonial smokables, you enhance this experience even more. You burn these smokables, after which a soothing fragrance is released that helps you come to yourself even more deeply.

Start your spiritual ceremony

You will know best which spiritual ceremony best suits your current desire. With 24High's ceremonial materials, you get everything you need to further your journey. Questions about how best to use them, or which spiritual journey can best be walked by you? We'd love to help. Please contact us!