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Molinillo - Chocolate stirrer

Molinillo - Chocolate stirrer
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The Molinillo - Chocolate Stirrer is a wooden whisk or mixer specifically designed to froth hot and cold chocolate drinks. It is a traditional, authentic, handmade whisk that has been used for thousands of years by indigenous Mayan tribes to froth their cocoa drinks. This unique kitchen tool has a long handle with a series of rings and a loose upper part that, when rolled between the hands, creates a foaming action in the liquid. This method of foaming up chocolate is not limited to the Mayans; it was also adopted by the Aztecs and later by the Spanish, who brought its use to Europe. The Molinillo is still used in Mexico and other parts of Latin America in the preparation of traditional chocolate drinks such as Mexican chocolate caliente (hot chocolate).


The operation of the Molinillo is quite simple but effective. By rolling the shaft between your palms, the Molinillo rotates in the cocoa drink. This movement causes the liquid to mix and take in air, resulting in the frothing of the cocoa. This technique is used to create a rich, velvety texture, characteristic of traditional cocoa drinks. It is a traditional method that not only mixes and froths the drink, but also adds a ceremonial element to its preparation, enhancing its cultural and historical value.


Molinillo - Chocolate stirrer handmade

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