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Many resources that affect your state of mind come from far away places. Kanna too. Kanna is also known as channa, canna, sceletium tortuosum or cold. Buy kanna online in our webshop.


Kanna (sceletium tortuosum) buy online

The use of kanna has a positive effect on many people. That is why there is a demand for it from all over the Netherlands. Order this product easily online in our webshop. After all, we deliver kanna throughout the Netherlands. Ordered today, shipped tomorrow. And don't worry, all our shipments are 100% discreet. Privacy is our top priority.

The history of Kanna

Kanna originates from South Africa. Kanna comes from the succulent plant Sceletium tortuosum. The roots of the sceletium tortuosum have long been chewed by the Khoikhoi tribe from South Africa. This tribe introduced Kanna to the Europeans when they came into contact with the Khoikhoi tribe. This is how the nickname 'kougoed' came into being. The reason why this root was and is so popular? The intoxicating effect. Using psychedelics in general has a rich history.

Africa Kanna

Does Kanna have a libido-enhancing effect?

Besides the psychedelic slightly narcotic effect, Kanna can certainly function as a libido enhancer. Kanna can increase sex drive at the right dose. More desire to have sex with your partner while you are also in a light high. We do advise if you are really looking for libido enhancing products to take a look at our category erotic. Here you will find many products related to aphrodisiac for both women and men.

What are the effects of Sceletium Tortuosum?

Using this product can lead to a euphoric feeling and even visions. However, this is only the case at high doses. If you're looking for a low to moderate dose, the effects are generally sedative. You relax from the use and you feel cheerful. Stress and possible fears disappear like snow in the sun. And even with the desire to lose weight, this plant can help. It suppresses the feeling of hunger. Are you leaning more towards a trip element in a herb? Then, in addition to the well-known mushrooms and truffles, we also have hallucinatory herbs. These are incredibly strong and are sure to induce hallucinations and visions. 

More positive effects of Kanna

Kanna can also be used for more serious complaints. It is said that Sceletium tortuosum can help against depressive symptoms. In itself logical when Kanna helps to relax and let go of fears. Unfortunately, Kanna as an antidepressant is still relatively unknown. It would therefore be good to discuss this with a treating doctor. More information about medicinal herbs? Click here!

happy feeling

Can you use Sceletium Tortuosum for Meditation?  

You might not immediately think of it, but Sceletium tortuosum is also used to level up when meditating. Kanna naturally helps you to relax and open up by being free from fears and stress. This obviously helps when meditating, being one with yourself and completely surrendering to the moment. Are you looking for a bit more of a deep spiritual journey? Then you could think of Mescaline cactus or magic mushrooms or truffles.

How do you use Kanna?

If you want to use Sceletium tortuosum there are more ways today than just chewing it like they did in South Africa. Kanna can also be taken today by drinking tea. But the vaporizer enthusiast has also been thought of, as well as the connoisseur of an e-cigarette. You can also buy kanna e-liquids. The kanna powders are the most sold. You can sniff these powders. You can also do it place the tongue. So you can eat, smoke, sniff or drink Sceletium tortuosum. Kratom like Kanna, is able to transform the mood into the positive.

Will you trip and hallucinate Sceletium Tortuosum?

It is important to mention that kanna does not give you hallucinations. The reason why we explicitly mention this is because there are many rumors that you do get hallucinations from this. This is not the case. Choose other smartdrug products for this. After all, we don't want you to be disappointed after using smart drugs. Looking for capsules with a mix of herbs that can also cause hallucinations, click here: Happy Caps Trip E!

drugs addict

Is Kanna addictive?

The use of Sceletium tortuosum has hardly any side effects and is not addictive. That is why kanna can be sold legally in the smartshop in the Netherlands. The tribes in South Africa were also able to stop using Sceletium tortuosum without any problems. Nice to convert a stressful situation into relaxation without experiencing any adverse effects later on.

Can you overdose on Sceletium Tortuosum?

If you use too much Sceletium tortuosum, you run no risk. You can't overdose on it or anything like that. However, you may suffer from headaches or nausea or insomnia. Stay calm and calm, however, these feelings will soon disappear. You will never get into a BAD trip using Kanna. 

Did you know that you can use Kanna as a trip stopper?

In some cases this succulent can appear as tripstopper. When using magic mushrooms a tripstopper can work to end your trip and return to reality. It should be noted that a tripstopper doesn't immediately end the trip, it slows down the trip! Very useful when a trip starts to get out of hand. This almost never happens but just in case.

tripstopper kanna

Can you combine Sceletium Tortuosum with other substances?

Do not just combine Sceletium tortuosum with all drugs and alcohol. It can significantly increase the effect of cannabis and alcohol. In addition, the use of kanna is also not recommended when you still have to participate in traffic. Driving with kanna on can lead to problems due to a slowed reaction speed. You will of course understand that some medicines also have to be careful and that kanna is too strong for the unborn baby in the belly of pregnant women.

Buy Kanna online at the Smartshop

You can easily buy Kanna online at 24High. Once ordered, we send the order with the sound of light. The products are carefully packed and prepared for shipment. You will receive an email with track and trace so that you can easily follow your package. We also sell many more Smartshop products that induce effects similar to Kanna.