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Crazy deals

Crazy Deals

Take advantage of our 24HIGH CRAZY DEALS now!! EXTRA discount on our competitively priced Head and smartshop items. Therefore, keep an eye on our CRAZY DEALS products carousel Because who knows you will buy that Vaporizer or CBD or another product for the lowest price on the whole web!

Crazy deals


Start your exciting intense journey here at 24High smart shop and walk through our smart shop categories as if you are looking in a large forest for natural medicinal herbs or psychoactive mind-expanding agents. The word Smart comes from the word Smart drugs. These are exciting natural products such as Herbs, Cacti, Kratom, Kanna, Morning Glory seeds that are used for relaxation or for the psychoactive effects. Erotic products such as appetizers, food supplements and drug testing are certainly part of our range. Be amazed by nature and see the beautiful and interesting products 24High Smartshop has to offer.

Top 10 Vaporizers

Top Ten Vaporizers

Smoking CBD or THC in a healthy way? Then the Vaporizer is the solution for you! In Our top ten Vaporizers we let you get acquainted with the Vaporizers that have been experienced by our guests as most positive. Our Vaporizer Shop offers various types of vaporizers like eg: pen, portable & Table models. But what do you love? A portable vaporizer or do you enjoy the enjoyment of a table vaporizer? If you cannot answer these questions, we advise you to inform yourself well about which vaporizer you think is best suited to you. Of course, the 24High Team is ready to assist you in making a choice that suits you best.

Top 10 Vaporizers

Top Ten CBD

These top 10 are the runners of our CBD shop. Actually, a top 10 does not do justice to the Scala high quality CBD products that 24High CBD shop offers. These are products that have been ordered several times by our guests and are experienced as beloved. Of course, a CBD oil is previously ordered by our guests than a CBD lippenbalsam while they are both of high quality. 24High offers a wide range of CBD products that cannot be used as a top 10. All our 24High CBD products are of high quality and therefore all belong in the top 10!