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Almost everyone who has ever had sex or drugs will have combined the two at one time or another. Officially, you are having chem sex at such a time: sex under the influence of substances. In the chemsex scene, these are usually heavy narcotics and stimulants made in drug labs. This way, you can go on for hours; having a good time all the way through, with or without a bunch of total strangers. But you can also have chemsex under the influence of psychedelics, cosy with just the two of you. Does that sound more appealing to you? Then read on quickly. Below, we dive into the world of psychedelic 'party and play': sex under the influence of psychedelics.

What is chemsex?

Chemsex is having sex under the influence of drugs. This involves the use of all kinds of substances: from uppers to downers. Energising substances like speed, meth and research chemicals naturally have the side effect of not exactly making you sleep. Many users get extra 'desire' from uppers, so you could think of them as libido boosters. You often see chemsex combining uppers with downers, such as GHB, alcohol and ketamine. But erectile drugs, poppers and psychedelics can also be thrown into the mix.

Why do people have chemsex?

The combination of sex and drugs is said to reinforce each other, leading to hours of intense sex sessions. Another reason: you lose your inhibitions under the influence of drugs like GHB and MDMA. And that appeals to many people. Unfortunately, in the bedroom, many people are over-conscious about their bodies and performance, which can make you reluctant. Not everyone dares to express their needs or try new things. Until a mountain of drugs comes along... Also, substances (especially) can help men last longer in bed by giving them more stamina or delaying orgasm. Consequently, you see chemsex quite often in the male gay scene.

Psychedelic chemsex: what benefits can psychedelics have on your sex life?

Chemsex mainly refers to sex under the influence of hard drugs. But you can also go for the less rough stuff and deliberately have sex under the influence of psychedelics. Having sex under the influence of psychedelics can have a number of benefits, if you do it the right way:

No risk of physical addiction

This is because psychedelics are not addictive, unlike hard drugs. So physical dependence is not a risk. As a result, there will be very little chance that you won't be able to have sex without being under the influence of magic mushrooms, truffles or anything else.

Getting started with an intention

Especially when you start a psychedelic sex session with a clear and constructive intention and don't make it a habit. For example, set as an intention that you want to feel more connected with your partner and experience more intimacy. Chances are that you will work on this in everyday life as well.

Open yourself up to something new

And just like with a 'regular' sexless trip, psychedelics will be able to help you open yourself up to new experiences and express your desires and soulful feelings. This is different from the disinhibiting and boundless nature of chemsex under the influence of hard drugs.

Which psychedelics are suitable for chemsex?

Mushrooms, truffles and LSD in particular are used for psychedelic chemsex. In smaller doses than a regular trip, though, usually. You still want to be able to recognise body parts, of course... But you can also use other trip aids during your sexy time, such as psychedelic herbs and seeds and natural aphrodisiacs.

What are the drawbacks and risks of chemsex under the influence of hard drugs and psychedelics?

There are some risks associated with sex under the influence, which is why it is useful to read up well beforehand. If you Google on chemsex, you will see pages from Jellinek and GGDs. Here they offer useful information and, for instance, you have the option of coming to the chemsex clinic. The dangers these agencies point out are addiction, depression, exhaustion of your body and STIs and other infections. This is because in all your excitement, you are much more likely to omit condoms because you are under the influence. It can also become more difficult to enjoy sex, intimacy and relationships sober. Moreover, not all types of drugs and booze mix well.

And as for chemsex under the influence of psychedelics: know that the effects of psychedelics on the experience of sexuality can vary a lot from person to person. Some don't need to think about sex, while others experience a strong need for intimacy and connection. So pay close attention to your bed partner and ask specifically about their needs at that moment, to make it a positive experience.