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Fancy a night out? You might have thought of combining drinks or different kinds of drugs. But you should still be careful, because some types of mind-altering drugs really don't combine well. They can have unexpected and dangerous consequences. Therefore, in this blog, we explain which drinks and drugs are better not to take together.

Taking different types of drink and drugs

Taking different kinds of drugs is not new. People are curious about the effects and try if a certain combination makes their trip just a little more intense. This is possible; some mind-altering drugs (and yes, alcohol is also a drug) enhance each other's effects. As an example, let's mention DMT and magic mushrooms. This is a relatively safe combination that will ensure your trip gets a hefty boost.

But polydrug use, as mixing several types of drugs is called, does not always give the effects you hope for. Sometimes your trip will turn into a bad trip, but some combinations can also pose risks to your health. So always be very careful and make sure you know which drink and drugs are better not to take together.

Combining XTC with alcohol

Many people use alcohol together with XTC. At festivals and house parties, both are popular. But the question is whether this poses any risks. The possible consequences are fairly mild. You may get a headache and nausea, and chances are you will suffer from a severe hangover after the party. On top of that, both alcohol and XTC make your inhibitions fall away, which may cause you to do things you later regret.

Another consequence of XTC use is that it can cause an emotional dip. XTC increases the levels of serotonin in your body. This makes you feel happy and elated during the party, but XTC depletes your supply of serotonin. It takes at least a day or two for your body to recover the levels. During the dip, you usually feel gloomy, sluggish and possibly even anxious. Supplements can help with this nasty dip. Take 5-HTP from Fit4Seasons, for example, which supports serotonin production.

Cannabis and alcohol

Cannabis and alcohol are probably the drugs most commonly used together. This in itself is also a reasonably safe combination, if you know what you can handle and know how to stop in time. Cannabis and alcohol together can cause headaches, nausea and dizziness. As you may know, weed can cause feelings of paranoia and when used together with alcohol, you are more at risk of this. The feelings can then become more intense.

Furthermore, research shows that people who use these drugs together generally tend to use more of both. This also puts you at greater risk of becoming addicted to cannabis or alcohol or both. For this reason, cannabis and alcohol do not seem to be such a good combination after all.

Alcohol and magic mushrooms

Thinking about combining booze with magic mushrooms? We strongly advise against it. Alcohol increases the risk of a bad trip and makes it very unpredictable. Also, because you are tripping, you may not perceive as well whether you are drunk or not and therefore drink more than you think. Again, this will have consequences.

Mushrooms and XTC

Mushrooms are also sometimes mixed with XTC. Mushrooms contain the psychedelic substance psilocybin, which causes you to hallucinate. People combine magic mushrooms and XTC because the latter drug makes you feel more social, making you feel more love for the people around you. Combined with the euphoric feelings that can come with a trip, this could be a wonderful experience.

However, the thing is that XTC can make a mushroom trip feel tremendously intense. Your trip becomes intense and unpredictable. This is not a good experience for everyone. In addition, the effects depend a lot on the set and setting. If you get a bad trip, this combination is not a good idea at all. So be very careful with this and keep in mind that magic mushrooms are not recommended at a busy party anyway.

Cannabis and magic mushrooms

Might cannabis and magic mushrooms be drugs you can take together? On this, opinions are somewhat divided. Some say it is advised against, as cannabis makes the effects of the trip more intense and it will last longer. Even a few puffs of a joint can intensify the hallucinations and also disturb your thoughts and feelings. This is not always a good combination, and it is advisable to be careful. In any case, always have a trusted friend, a trip sitter, near you.

A good idea, combining booze and drugs?

So from what you could read above, it seems that in some cases combining booze and drugs can turn out well, but it is definitely not without risks. Keep it safe and enjoy the effects of either, so you always know what to expect. And if you do go ahead and try it, make sure you know the risks well and that you are always around others who can help if needed.