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Weed Bags

You can buy grip bags in our webshop. These plastic bags are also known as ziplock bags because they are resealable and airtight. These handy grip bags you see a lot in coffee shops to pack weed, but you also see them regularly for other drugs.


Why is weed often kept in ziplock bags?

You can go in many directions with the use of transparent ziplock bags. They are used in offices, but also in shops for various products. You also see them a lot in coffee shops. They are very useful for storing weed and are sometimes also called weed bags. They are just like the thight-vac stash cans airtight and help to store the weed well. This benefits the smell and taste of the weed and prevents the weed from drying out. You can also use the ziplock bags to store hash or other herbs.

What are the advantages of ziplock bags?

The ziplock bags are popular and for good reason. They offer you a large number of advantages. The resealable plastic bags with a grip closure offer the following advantages:

  • Easy resealable locking system
  • Moisture resistant
  • Very strong
  • Scent and taste preserving
  • Keep the weed fresh
  • Reducing the odour outside the ziplock bag

gripbag weed

Looking for bags to store your weed in?

You can easily buy ziplock bags in our online headshop. It's really just choosing the right size, and you're ready to buy your ziplock bags. You can also choose to buy ziplock bags with a print. We offer various options for this. After your purchase, we will send the ziplock bags quickly and anonymously to the address you specified. Zip lock bags can be used for many purposes. Not just for cannabis or powders. You can also store nuts and bolts or stamps in a ziplock bag.

What size ziplock bags do we sell?

The difference between the ziplock bags is mainly in the size of the bags. In a ziplock bag of 25x25mm you can of course store less weed or powder in a 60x80mm bag. In order to keep the ziplock bag of high quality, the plastic used for the bag also gets a bit thicker the larger size bag you buy.  Besides powders or weed, you can of course also store other items in a ziplock bag. 

In our online headshop you can buy the following ziplock bags:

  • 25x25mm ziplock bags
  • 35x35mm ziplock bags
  • 40x40mm ziplock bags
  • 40x60mm ziplock bags
  • 55x65mm ziplock bags
  • 60x80mm ziplock bags
  • 70x100mm ziplock bags
  • 100x150mm ziplock bags
  • 250x350mm ziplock bags 

Just to give you an idea of ​​how much cannabis can be stored in a ziplock bag; You can store about 3 grams of weed in a 60x80mm ziplock bag. This is also usually the standard format that a coffee shop uses. Due to the closure of the ziplock bag you will not smell the smell of cannabis. The smell of cannabis is very strong and is smelled by passers-by. That is why it is wise to always check your ziplock bag whether it is properly closed. 

What is the quality of the ziplock bags?

Grip bags are made of LDPE, low density polyethylene. A ziplock bag should be just like a bong, long rolling paper or any grinder at home with a cannabis user's collection. This material is ideal for packaging foodstuffs and foodstuffs. It is therefore also suitable for packaging weed and hash. The fact that they are water-repellent also helps, of course, as does the resealability. In the manufacturing industry, they are also called grip seal bags. The fact that the resealable bags are transparent is also an advantage for many coffee shops, so that the buyer can immediately see what he is buying without having to open the bag. In order to preserve THC, it is better to opt for dark-colored bags. The daylight/sunlight t is not positive for the preservation of the THC.

gripbags cannabis

Grip pouches are unimaginable from cannabis culture!

It is clear that ziplock bags have made their mark in cannabis culture. Your weed you bought in the coffee shop was always in a ziplock bag. In the last 5 years, the coffee shops have also started to sell pots of weed instead of a zip-lock bag. Your weed in a ziplock bag is very easy to take with you. You can tuck these away anywhere and with so many different sizes, there must also be a ziplock bag that is suitable for you! A ziplock bag is part of a cannabis user accessories.

Order your ziplock bags online now

Don't wait any longer and buy your grip bags and a scale online in our headshop webshop. With us, you always buy grip bags at a competitive price. You already have 100 ziplock bags from 1.99. These are perhaps the best prices you can find online for buying ziplock bags. Order them today, and we will send them to you quickly and discreetly.