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Pipes - Metal Pipes


Unbreakable metal weed pipes!

Are you a stoner who doesn't go out without his metal pipe? Want to smoke weed with a pipe everywhere you go? Stop looking and choose a metal pipe. Indestructible and easy to carry, this cannabis smoking accessory makes a nice weed pipe for on the road! Easy to use and clean. Never leave the metal weed pipes outside in the rain or get damp! Moreover, there are also wooden pipes and glass, these have a slightly more refined cannabis taste than a metal pipe. 

Are metal weed pipes easy to clean?

A metal cannabis pipe is easy to clean with the Kulu Pipe cleaner. Well, simple, we do advise using long cotton swabs to also clean the inside of the pipe. Like all other pipes, the metal pipes sometimes get dirty. The advantage of a metal pipe is that it is very difficult to break. Some users find that it sometimes seems that the taste of the herbs tastes slightly different because of the metal, others swear that this is not the case. If you want 100% certainty that the taste remains pure and pure, choose a glass pipe.

cannabis pipe

A pipe screen or filter is a must-have for smoking cannabis in a pipe!

There are special pipes like the Bud-Bomb and the Weezy that don't require a screen. A screen or metal filter is of great importance for a bong or cannabis pipe. By using a screen, your bong or pipe made of metal, glass or wood will not get clogged. You really want to prevent a clogged pipe. So order a screen with your pipe so that your pipe or bong continues to work properly. The screens are very cheap and are usually supplied per 5 pieces.

Special and unusual metal cannabis pipes!

We also sell two unique pipes that also function for smoking cannabis. These work slightly differently, and that is why we name them here. These are the Bud-Bomb and the Weezy. Both flow on innovative ideas for developing these unique products.

The Weezy is a special cannabis pipe with a filling chamber!

The Weezy works just a little differently than the classic pipes. With the Weezy, you place the herbs or cannabis in an included stash pot. This is a small round container with holes that you fill with herbs or cannabis and then place in the Weezy. You hold a lighter in front of the Weezy like you would a joint. You take a puff and Klaas is done. 

The Budbomb for a strong cannabis hit!

The Budbomb, like the Weezy, is new to the cannabis world and has already become an integral part of cannabis culture. Easily smoke your cannabis wherever you are without having to put in a lot of effort. You fill the cannabis room and yes, off you go. The Budbomb's filling chamber is larger than the Weezy's. This means that you can enjoy smoking your cannabis longer with the Budbomb than with the Weezy. 

In addition to these two separate metal pipes, we also offer pipes made of two or more materials. We have placed these pipes under the subcategory other pipes. Maybe you'll find what you're looking for here. These are different model pipes that also do very well with our guests.


Where can I buy metal pipes online?

With us, you not only buy cannabis seeds or mushrooms and truffles, we also sell a lot of Headshop products that can be used with psychedelics. Headshop products support and facilitate use. For example, how can you smoke cannabis without a pipe, bong or long rolling paper? Not, that's why a range of products offer support for this. Are you interested in a metal pipe or another pipe, but you can't make a choice? Please contact us, and we will be there to help you make the rigth choice!