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Scales - Parts


Which scale accessories do we sell?

We sell important scale accessories such as a weight set for the calibration / adjustment of a scale. In addition to this calibration weight set, we also sell a weighing set with raised edges and batteries. These items specifically take care of adjusting your table-scale and making weighing spice powders more enjoyable. These are the most significant components in weighing your herbs.

measure scales

What is a calibration weight set? Significant weighing accessories!

Calibrating your scale with accessories is of great importance. After all, you want to know exactly what the weight is that you weigh. You don't want to have any margins on this, especially if you're weighing herbs or other psychedelics in terms of dosage. What good is a scale that shows 2 grams when you have weighed 1. It is simply too dangerous not to calibrate your scale properly. To eliminate this risk, we sell 2 calibration weight sets.

Pro calibration box accessories 

A professional calibration weights in a box fitted with tweezers so that the acids on your hands do not affect the weights over time. This unique calibration set consists of the weights: Calibration weights of 100-, 50-, 20-, 10-, and 5 grams. This set is not suitable for calibrating grams, for this we sell another set, see below. 

Calibration weight set accessories 

This is a calibration set suitable to calibrate the following weights: 1, 5, 10 and 20 grams. This gram set is ideal for calibrating mini or pocket scales. If you are going to work with grams, you will need this calibration set to accurately adjust your scale. Scale accessories are extremely important for a properly functioning scale.

Weigh set trays with raised edges and a handy weighing accessory?

You can of course grab a bowl yourself and press the scales on Tare. But sometimes I have a container that is too heavy or too big. This weighing set is ideal because it is lightweight and has raised edges. They are easy to grab because of the extra protruding handle. Perfect for weighing herbal powders or your cannabis. The set itself is made of plastic and consists of a set of five parts.

calibration scales

What batteries do digital scales use?

Many scales, like for instance a mini-scale, use button cell batteries. These come in many different formats. We have placed the two most common button cell batteries in this weighing accessories category. Of course, there are many more batteries, but these are used in other home garden and kitchen appliances. Button cell batteries are mainly used in watches but also in hearing aids. Due to the small size, they can be used for small devices such as a hearing aid. Button cell batteries are cheap and last a long time.

Buy scales online at 24High!

We sell a lot of scales and accessories. We think it's important that you always weigh the dose of psychedelics before you plan to consume them. We offer scales that can even weigh up to two decimal places. These are often pocket scales and are super suitable for weighing a microdose. Use psychedelics wisely and always weigh your dose with a digital scale!