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Scales - Table Scales


Why buy a table scale! 

A table scale is a must-have in every household. You use a scale to weigh flour, rice, pasta or any other product that needs to be weighed with a large volume and not suitable for small weighing units. The table scale is always placed on a flat surface, this explains the name table scale. With great precision, these scales will measure the desired herbs or fresh mushrooms from your private harvest.   

Can a bench scale also be used for weighing small doses?

Yes you can, the size of the scale says nothing about its weighing capacity. The bench scales we offer have the following weighing capacities: 3000gx 0.1g, 2000gx 0.1g,  500gx 0.1g and 200x0.01g. In particular, the On Balance OB SBS-200 with its foldable silicone bowl (200 x 0.01 g) is a suitable candidate for weighing microdosis.

Slightly less accurate, but certainly a good option, is the scale On Balance NV-3000. This has a nice flat weighing platform with a raised edge where you can easily weigh your product. The NV-3000 bench scale is slightly less accurate than the OB SBS-200 (this is because it cannot weigh to 2 decimal places) but can certainly be used for weighing small 0.1 gram doses. It is essential that the scales are properly calibrated before you start weighing a microdose!
scale original

Which table scale is suitable for weighing fresh mushrooms?

We offer several table scales that are suitable for weighing your fresh mushrooms. However, one scale stands head and shoulders above the rest. This is the Kitchen Scale On Balance 2000 x 0.1 g. This table scale has a large weighing bowl where you can weigh a large harvest of fresh mushrooms in 1 go. In addition, this table scale has a weighing capacity of 0.1 to 2 kilos. This crowns the On Balance 2000 as the scale for weighing your fresh mushroom harvest!

Is a table scale more accurate than a mini or pocket scale?

A table scale is not eminently more accurate or precise than a pocket scale. However, you have a better chance of a more accurate weighing result because a table scale can only be used on a flat surface. Moreover, a scale is very handy for at home. They are usually equipped with a good weighing bucket, which makes it easier to weigh larger volumes. If you are looking for a household scale, choose a table scale!
modern scale

What functions does a table scale have?

A scale is very easy to use. Equipped with multiple weighing units such as ct, dwt, g and oz, a Tare function and a digital or LED display. Scales have a warranty of several years. On-Balance scales are simple, compact and offer great quality for a good price! The Tare function is a net-gross function that allows to weigh only the contents in the weigh bucket.

Easy to buy a table scale online?

With us in the Headshop you can easily order a scale online. All you have to do is to place products in the shopping cart and pay for it yourself. Of course, we are ready to provide assistance where necessary with questions or when deciding which table scale is the best choice. We will ship the scale neatly pack and send. You will receive an email with a track and trace link, so you can follow the package.