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Smoking Accessories - Cones


Buy cannabis or weed pre-rolled cones online!

We offer four different sizes of pre-rolled weed cones. From a normal-sized cone to super giga-size! Want to build a mega-joint with your friends, but you're not much of a spin or roll hero? No problem because these weed cones are pre-rolled empty sleeves (jointjes) from smoking paper. All you have to do yourself is crumble the cannabis, possibly mix it with tobacco and fill the cone. You don't have to be a seasoned smoker to fill a joint.

smoking marihuana

What is a pre-rolled weed cone or cones?

Cones are joints without content. It is a pre-rolled empty shell with filter. Here you can stop smoking any herbs yourself. Ideal for a party or when you don't have one to roll. These pre-rolled weed cones are even easier for people who have little or no knowledge of smoking cannabis, but still want to try it. In combination with a rolling-tray keep your living room table clean while filling the cones with cannabis or other herbs. We offer four sizes of cones, each for a unique situation. Below we will outline some situations.

The Giga-Party Joint Cone (28cm) Black Giga 

This Black Giga cone is a true party pooper! Surprise your friends and strangers during a big party with this XXL joint! Enough hits for everyone and easy to fabricate! You just have to fill it and that's it! In addition, a large, heavy ashtray is accompanied by a large joint. We also sell these. Everyone will be talking about that one big joint in those beautiful crystal glasses for years to come ashtray at your party!

The Social Joint Cone (18cm) Super Sized

The social joint is a large pre-rolled joint that likes to present itself as a drink. Make friends and by sharing this joint. Make sure you have enough weed to fill this big boy. The social joint cone likes to enjoy a mild to soft high weed.

The Friendship Joint Cone (13cm) Cones Large

Slightly smaller in size than the social joint, but lends itself perfectly to a group of about four to five people. Ideal while watching a movie with your friends. These friendship cones Large are just like the other cones easy to use, to light up and fill.

The Peronal-joint Cone (10cm) Black Label King Size 

The title says it all! Packed per 3 pieces with a normal size, these cones are ideal for personal use. If you want to smoke a pot on your own, you don't want to build a party joint right away. It is too much and takes too much time to fill and smoke. For this reason, the personal joints are packed per 3 pieces.

pre-rolled empty joints

Which pre-rolled weed cones do we sell?

The pre-rolled weed cones or cones that we sell are from the well-known brand CONES. We offer these in sizes 28, 18, 13 and 10 cm long. These pre-rolled empty cones of rolling paper are provided with a pre-rolled integrated filter. The filter or tip prevents the herbs or tobacco from ending up in the mouth while taking a hit.

Buy your smoking accessories online at 24High!

Pre-rolled cones or a cone are smoking accessories, just like a pack of long rolling papers. If you want to roll a mega joint yourself, we naturally offer a wide range of rolling papers. This is up to 5 meters of rolling paper on a roll! With so much paper you can roll many creative blows such as the Cross-Joint or a Tulip. We offer many payment methods to make payment as easy as possible. Of course we send all our packages with track and trace. If you place an order before 4pm, we will ship the smoking accessories same day.