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Smoking Accessories - Ashtrays


Buy unique cannabis ashtrays as gifts online!

We offer plenty of ashtrays for the real cannabis enthusiast! Are you looking for a present for a friend who enjoys a joint every now and then? Then choose a nice ashtray or rolling-tray and give it as a gift, they are not expensive, but they are popular. The recipient will be happy to use it. Next to cannabis ashtrays or lighters, we also have a very cool and robust glass ashtray from RAW. This is a heavy boy with a beautiful design. 

The Cannabis Leaf Ashtray is the ultimate stoner gift!

This beautiful cannabis leaf has seven leaves on which a joint can easily be placed. Due to the unique design, it is also a real eye-catcher for the living room table. At the sight of the Cannabis Leaf ashtray, a social barrier is immediately broken. It immediately indicates that it is a 420-Free living room.

Cannabuds or Monster is a nice cannabis souvenir with a function

This fun Cannabuds is smaller than the Cannabis Leaf, but certainly no less nice and fits well with the long rolling papers and other cannabis related products. A stoney cannabis bud ashtray that changes its face as you get stoner and stoner. The Monster Ashtray is a special case as you can see. This consists of two parts. You can cover the ashtray, creating a diabolical cyclopean monster. Transform your ashtray into a monster doll and no one will see you smoked.
ashtray monster

Why buy a glass ashtray?

A glass ashtray is easy to clean and often has a cool design. We offer several glass ashtrays of different sizes. The RAW Crystal Glass is the largest and most beautiful ashtray we sell, we also offer other glass ashtrays with a cool design of smaller calibre. 

RAW Crystal Glass Ashtray

This is an amazing and beautiful, heavy and made of crystal glass ashtray! The big size suits perfect for a Giga Joint. Comes in a beautiful box which serves as a gift or storage box. The Raw Crystal Glass is of the highest quality, large and heavy and therefore ideal for the living room. No pet will easily knock it over, and the ashtray itself is a feast for the eyes!
raw ashtray

Buy coffee shop The Bulldog Amsterdam ashtrays at 24High

The Bulldog coffeeshop in Amsterdam is very well known among stoners all over the world. We therefore offer several metal ashtrays from The Bulldog Amsterdam. Of course, other metal ashtrays also offer cannabis buds and other cool designs. The Bulldog also has its own rolling paper and tips!

Buy The Bulldog Amsterdam Ashtray green

The Bulldog's classic logo, namely the Bulldog itself. Cool, sleek design and bright green color. The metal ashtrays are easy to clean. Do you know anyone who has ever been to the Bulldog? That could be a perfect present. You can also combine the ashtray with a matching rolling trays like the flag of Amsterdam. They are both not too expensive and always handy to use!

bong cannabis

Buy smoking accessories online?

An ashtray is useful, but of course there are many more smoking accessories for sale. You have grinders, rolling papers, filters, lighters, cones, pipes and even bongs. If you have the time, browse through our different subcategory Headshop products. There are bound to be products out there that could pique your interest. If you have any questions about any product, please contact us. We are happy to talk to you. All packages are sent with a track and trace link.