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Grinders - Wood


What is a weed grinder, and what do you use it for?

A weed crumbler is usually used to grind cannabis so that it can be smoked crumbled in a joint, vaporizer or bong. A wooden weed crumbler is round and often consists of several parts, this is not the case with a credit card grinder. In the middle part of the wooden weed crumbler there are teeth or steel pins. These teeth, pins, fit closely together. When you turn the weed crumbler parts past each other, the teeth in the grinder will crumble the contents. This way the cannabis is ground perfectly for an ultimate burn, and it also saves you dirty sticky fingers.

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The classic wooden weed crumbler for crushing cannabis?

The wooden weed crumbler is one of the classic grinders. These grinders are often made of rosewood. The dark color of the wood is one of the characteristics of this special type of wood. Wooden grinders have a little more grip than an acrylic grinder. The wood of the weed crumbler is usually very beautifully decorated with beautiful spiritual or other symbols. The warm color and authentic look make this grinder a piece of art.

Are there different types of grinders made of different materials?

There are a lot of grinders of different materials and sizes. We not only sell wooden grinders but also credit card, acrylic and metal grinders. In addition, we also sell an automatic grinder and a joint filler in one called the "OTTO". Metal grinders are easy to clean, but do lose some grip with the spin due to the sticky THC. The advantage is that the metal grinders are easy to clean. The metal that is most often processed in a grinder is aluminium. There are also grinders with a nano coating. These are by far the best grinders you can buy online. The nano-coating is a non-stick layer over the aluminium that ensures that the THC does not adhere to the material. This means that the weed crumbler will always run and work properly.

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Why are wooden grinders a favorite with our guests?

This is mainly because these are made of wood. The wood provides a lot of grip and is therefore easy to handle. Rosewood has been named a noble wood. This is because this type of wood is not widely used for woodworking. It is an exclusive type of wood that is not used for the manufacture of large furniture. Rather, it is used as wood decoration in furniture or for small-sized products such as a wooden grinder. The smell of this type of wood is delicious and characteristic.

Where can I buy a wooden grinder?

You can easily buy a wooden, but also a plastic or aluminum weed crumbler from us in the Headshop. The wooden ones together with the aluminum nano-coating grinders are the runners within our website. The credit card grinders also do very well because of their clever design. Once the order has been placed with us, we will immediately send the grinder after receipt of payment. The weed crumbler is packed with great care so that it is delivered to your home in good condition. In addition, we will send an email with the track and trace so that you can follow it.