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Grinders - Iron


Why buy a metal grinder instead of a wooden or acrylic grinder?

You can get a weed crumbler in many materials, but we still advise you to choose a grinder that is made of aluminium and preferably with a NANO coating. A NANO coating is a thin layer that is sprayed over the grinder that ensures that no THC residue remains on the grinder. You want to avoid THC on your weed crumbler because it counteracts the effect of turning the grinder. Turning the grinder becomes increasingly difficult when the THC can stick to the material, such as with a wooden, acrylic or aluminium grinder (without NANO coating). The NANO coating ensures that no dirt can stick to the grinder. The SLX Grinder Aluminum Non Sticky 62 mm - Charcoal is a weed crumbler with a NANO coating and we also refer to it as the best crumbler for sale!

grinder 4 parts

How do you use a metal cannabis grinder?

The metal weed crumblers are usually 4-piece. One part of the crumbler is a container for KIEF (THC powder that is released after rotation) the second part contains a mesh so that only the KIEF can be collected. Third and fourth part is where you place the cannabis to crumble. The third and fourth parts are thus provided with teeth. You place the cannabis between the teeth and place all the parts on top of each other, and you start turning. It couldn't be simpler.

Which more cannabis grinders are there?

In addition to the metal or aluminium grinders, we have a nice range of wooden, credit card and acrylic grinders for sale. The credit card grinder is gaining popularity due to its clever design. You use this as a sort of grater. You brush the cannabis back and forth over a metal grid with sharp holes. This can easily be kept in a wallet. Acrylic grinders are cheap, but they are also full of sticky THC in no time. The metal aluminium grinders with a NANO coating are the best weed crumblers out there.

cannabis grinders

Is there an automatic cannabis grinder?

We have a great product that will fill your joints and grind the weed automatically at the touch of a button. It comes with common size cones (pre-rolled joint sleeves that can be filled with cannabis). The OTTO is a great cannabis crumbler that is available in black or gold. This automatic weed crumbler and joint filler is a joy for those people who don't feel like it or can't roll a joint.

Is there also a hash crumbler?

Not in the form of a classic wooden or metal weed crumbler, but there is certainly a product that does the same. This product is called the Zenpen. The Zenpen is made of stainless steel and keeps your fingers clean just like a weed crumbler. The Zenpen is a hash grinder of great quality, you can make beautiful strings of hash in no time. The pen itself is easy to use. Prevent dirty sticky brown nails and order the Zenpen!

grinder metal

Where can I buy metal, aluminium and acrylic grinders online?

You can buy a lot of different cannabis crumblers from us. One has different properties than the other. Of course, we also have cleaning products to clean the metals or other grinders. Nothing is more annoying than a grinder that doesn't run due to THC residues. Once you have purchased a grinder from us, we will email you the track and trace code and the invoice. This way you will not lose the grinder during delivery.