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Scales - Pocket Scales


Which weighing scales can you buy at 24High! 

We offer many scales, each with its own unique functions and weighing capacity. Which scale, suits you best, depends on entirely for what you are going to use the scale for. Scales are available in mini, pocket, and table size. The small mini scales and the digital pocket scales are easy to store and carry. These are also often preferred over a table scales. You can only make a choice when you have determined with which weighing units you want to work. In this category of text, we are going to discuss the differences of the scales we sell.


What are the advantages of a pocket-scale compared to other weighing scales?

A pocket-scale is a small digital scale that fits in a jacket pocket. These scales are easy to take with you on the road. Pocket scales have a not too large weighing platform and are suitable for weighing small amounts of herbs or other resources. Some pocket-scales have a silicone storage tray that you can also transform to use as a weighing tray. The pocket-scales are available with the weighing units: 20g x 0.001g, 100g x 0.01g, 100g x 0.1g and 1000g x 0.1g. We offer these digital scales in different sizes.

Which pocket scales are suitable for microdosing mushrooms or truffles?

If you're planning on microdosing with mushrooms or truffles, a digital pocket-scale with the 100gx0.1g weighing unit will suffice. We always recommend starting with 0.1 gram of dried mushroom powder as a microdose and increasing it as needed where necessary. With fresh psilocybin truffles, a beginner dose is between 0.7 and 1 gram. This depends on the weight of the user. A pocket-scale is therefore very suitable for weighing doses for microdosing psychedelics. After all, you don't want overdoses, so calibrate your scale with weights first! A pocket scale is therefore ideal for weighing your own dose so that you can work safely.

Is a pocket-scale suitable for weighing herbal powders and other psychedelics?

Yes, is the answer to the question above. As long as the volume of the weight is small and can be placed on a small surface, the digital-pocket scales can be a very good option. If you want to weigh a larger volume of herbs, a table scale is a better option because of its larger weighing container. The doses of most herbs that we sell, such as a kanna or kratom powder, have a weight unit of grams.

weighing herbs

What is the difference between a mini and a pocket-scale?

A mini scale contains a much smaller weighing platform than the digital pocket scales. They are mainly suitable for powders such as kratom, for example to weigh the weight for a tea. We therefore recommend a digital pocket-scale because they have a unique size that can be used for multiple purposes. The mini scales are really for weighing small volume assets. 

Why is it important to weigh and test your drugs before use?

The use of synthetic drugs can be a health hazard if harmful substances have been used in the production process that do not belong in them. You always want to know if the drugs are safe. That's why we always recommend that if you plan to use synthetic drugs, that you test them first. We offer many tests that can help you with this. In addition to testing, you also want to know how much the dose is that you want to take. After all, you don't want an overdose! The pocket scales are therefore ideal for weighing your own dose so that you can work safely.


How do I use a pocket-scale, and what functions do it contain?

A pocket-scale are smaller than a table-scale and are easier to operate. You have some features that we will explain. The Tare function is used to filter out a weight. This occurs on most scales. As an example: you place a container on the digital pocket-scale in which you want to place and weigh herbs or other resources. You do not want to consider the weight of the container because you want to know the net weight of the contents. You place the empty container on the pocket-scale and press the Tare function button. The display now shows the number 0. Now you can weigh the net content of the container. In addition, many scales also include the function to switch from gram to, oz, ct or dwt.

Buy your pocket-scale or other scales online at 24High

Order scales from us, and we will deliver these with care and speed. Do you have any questions about choosing your digital scale? Please contact us,, and we will help you choose the right scale. Of course, after we have received the purchase amount and have packed the package, we will email you with track and trace with the invoice. This way you can follow the pocket-scale all the way to the front door.