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Scales - Mini Scales

Mini scales are excellent for microdose weighing and travelling. The size of the scale is so small that it can easily be kept in the pocket. Never be unsure about the right dose again with a mini scale in your pocket!


Which scales do we sell at 24High?

24High has several scales of different sizes. For example, we offer the Mini, the pocket and the table scales with different weighing units. The mini scales are ideal for weighing small microdoses. They are easy to use and easy to carry. The On Balance brand is known for an excellent price-quality ratio. Once calibrated, these are reliable mini scales.

The essence of weighing your psychedelics!

We always recommend purchasing a pocket or mini scales if you want to use psychedelics such as magic mushrooms. You want to know what a dose is and be able to weigh and store it. If you don't do this, you can end up in a bad trip because the dose is simply too high. You do not want to have an overwhelming and unpleasant experience from a trip on psilocybin or other psychedelics. Psilocybin is able to manifest its magical power in a wonderful experience. The dose may vary from person to person. Always start with a small dose and increase the dose until the desired trip level is reached. Write down what your last dose was, so you know for the next time which dose gives you that feeling that you like. But in order to weigh correctly, you will first have to calibrate the scale. You can only achieve this with an On Balance mini scale at home.


Which On Balance mini-scales do we offer?

On Balance scales are of excellent quality. On Balance is a line of scales from the company Marsden, which has been around for 50 years now. Marsden has successfully specialized in developing scales for the worldwide medical market in recent years. It is an innovative company that only makes high quality products, guaranteed with a warranty of 3 to 5 years! We offer 7 On Balance mini scales, these are all supplied with batteries, are simple to use and easy to take with you when you go out. Below, we will highlight some mini scales:

On Balance Myco MV 100 Mini Scales

The On Balance Myco MV 100 scale is compact and has a weighing capacity of max. 100 grams. Amazingly small design that weighs no less than and accurately to two decimal places behind the zero 0.01. Equipped with the well-known Tare function and a protective cover that functions as a weighing plate/tray.

On Balance Phantom 200 Mini Scales

The On Balance Phantom 200 Scale is a full digital mini scale with a maximum weighing capacity of 200 grams to 0.01 grams. The mini scale has a plastic lid that also serves as a weighing platform. In addition, the Phantom mini scale is backlit and switches off automatically when not in use.

On Balance TW-100 UK Mini Scales

The On Balance TW-100 UK Scale British Flag weighs accurately to the nearest 0.01 grams and has a maximum weighing capacity of up to 100 grams. Equipped with an LCD screen, a tare and auto-off function. On Balance Myco MX 100 mini scale. This mini scale is suitable for weighing microdoses.
tabel scale

What to look for when buying a scale?

What are you going to use the scale for? Is it to weigh large quantities or smaller ones?

  • If you use the scale for smaller quantities or microdosing, it is of great importance that the mini scale has two / weighs accurately to three decimal places (0.01 or 0.001). These are often the mini or pocket-scales.
  • If you use the scale for larger quantities, then a scale that weighs accurately to 2 decimal places is unnecessary. Do not choose a mini or pocket scale, but go for the model table scale.
Weigh your herbs yourself for a delicious tea, or make your own capsules with dried psilocybin mushroom powder as a microdose. Make the right choice when buying a scale. Weighing the right dose is linked to a great experience.

Buying On Balance mini-scales at 24High

Buying On Balance mini scales in our headshop is easy to achieve with us. Once ordered, we will pack the mini scale with care and send it quickly. If you buy the digital scale before 3 pm, it will be shipped the same day! Do you have questions about using scales, or which would suit you best? Do not hesitate and contact us.