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Pipes - Pipe screens & accessories


Screens and accessories are important when using cannabis in a glass, metal or wooden pipe!

Gauzes and accessories such as cleaning products are important to keep your weed pipe or bong clean. The use of gauze is necessary. You don't want to take a hit from a clogged pipe! That is why gauze offers the solution. These prevent the cannabis or herbs from penetrating into the neck of the pipe. We offer screens in different sizes for each glass, metal, wooden pipe or bong!

smoking weed

What sizes of weed bong or pipe screens do we sell?

We sell three sizes of screens for a bong or a pipe. We also offer smaller screens, but these are more suitable for a vaporizer, so we've categorized them there as well. Not every bowl (where you put the cannabis in) is the same size. Who offer 3 sizes of screens and 2 sizes of Steel Hanging Spoon Gauzes. The Steel Hanging Spoon can only be used in a bong.

⦁    Screens Steel 20MM 
⦁    Screens Steel 15.9MM 
⦁    Screens Steel 12.7MM
⦁    Steel Hanging Spoon Screens - 15 MM
⦁    Steel Hanging Spoon Screens - 20 MM

What is a Steel Hanging Spoon Screen?

You only use a Steel Hanging Spoon screen with a bong. The long neck makes them easy to use. They do not scratch your beautiful glass bong and last considerably longer than the steel screens/gauzes. These spoon screens are not suitable for a wooden, glass or metal pipe!

How do I clean a bong or cannabis pipes?

Cleaning your bong or pipe is a chore if you try this with home garden and kitchen products. A brown bong or water pipe full of tar does not look very appetizing. Tar deposits are tough to remove if you use Kulu Pipe Cleaner Concentrate or SALT ROX (HIGHER STANDARDS)! These resources have been specially developed to turn your bong back into a crystal clear work of art! Stop trying to clean your bong with the wrong tools and try one of these products! Please note that this product is not suitable for cleaning other pipes!

cleaning bong

SALT ROX for cleaning bongs and shishas

SALT-ROX are ground grains of salt that help to clean a water pipe or hookahs in particular. For cleaning pipes we have another product that is more suitable. The ground salt has a small grain, which makes this salt  extremely suitable for cleaning even the most difficult places. The salt grains have an abrasive effect without scratching. Do not use the SALT-ROX to clean metal pipes. Sanding releases the tarnish from smoking. SALT-Rock will keep your bong or shisha spotless!

Buy online cleaning products and screens for your glass pipe or bong!

If you have decided to purchase a pipe or bong, do not forget to order screens/gauzes. These screens do not last forever so keep this in mind. If you cannot make a choice, please contact us. We will try our best to help you choose the right cannabis pipe. Once ordered, we will send it as soon as possible with track and trace.