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Pipes - Wooden Pipes


Buy wooden weed pipes at 24High Headshop! 

We sell many pipes for smoking cannabis. From metal, wooden to glass pipes. Wooden pipes are durable and do not break as quickly as glass weed pipes. We only offer two wooden pipes in our category cannabis pipes. This does not mean that these pipes are of less quality than other materials. Of course, we offer many more glass cannabis  smoking accessory than wooden ones. The glass pipes have the advantage of keeping the taste of the herbs as pure as possible.

What is a wooden Twister Pipe, a.k.a. Monkey Pipe?

The wooden Twister Pipe is a unique item that is indispensable as a cannabis accessory among cannabis enthusiasts. The wooden Monkey Pipe is made of Brazilian kingwood. This small tree (Botanical name: Dalbergia cearensis) comes from Brazil. The dark stripes through the wood are characteristic of Kingwood. In addition, this wood is also used for manufacturing guitars. The top of the Monkey Pipe has a hinge. Under this part, which you can slide to the side, you will find the holder in which you burn the cannabis. Don't forget screen to be placed in the combustion chamber of the pipe. This wooden cannabis smoking accessory with hinge for storage and easy transport is ideal for those who always want to have their pipe in their pocket without it breaking or standing out.

monkey pipe

Wooden weed pipes in combination with metal?

In addition to the Monkey Pipe, we also offer a wooden smoking accessory with metal. A classic design with a great and beautifully carved cannabis leaf in the wood. The metal section also contains a grid for a grip. These pipes are also very strong in quality. This model is known all over the world. If you come across a weed or cannabis  smoking accessory somewhere, chances are that it resembles this in appearance.

Why should I buy a glass cannabis smoking accessory instead of a wooden one?

A glass cannabis pipe will not affect the taste of cannabis or other herbs. As a result, we recommend glass pipes as the best choice when it comes to  taste if they are only used at home. A glass pipe you do not take them quickly on the road, these break quickly. In addition, when a glass pipe has been used, you will see the brown deposit on the glass. This visually makes this  smoking accessory less attractive for use. Here too we have a solution, namely a cleaning agent especially for cleaning glass bongs or cannabis pipes.

glazen cannabis pijp

Where can I buy a wooden weed smoking accessory online?

Buying weed smoking accessory is easy with us. First, take a look at which cannabis pipe suits you best. Is it a glass, metal or wooden cannabis pipe? Can't make a choice? Please contact us ( We will try to help you as best we can to simplify the choice. The moment you have placed the order and pay, we will immediately send the wooden pipe or another pipe and email a track and trace.