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Pipes - Other Pipes


What other pipes are available at 24High Headshop!

Because we also sell different models of pipes, we have created a subcategory other pipes. These fall outside the other categories due to design or material, such as: cured polymer clay. The weed pipes made of this material are called FIMO pipes. Popular with our guests because of the length of the cannabis pipe and the material. Of course, we sell many more cannabis pipes made of different materials such as wood, glass or metal. In addition, we have also placed the Eyce Spoon in this category of other pipes because of its robustness and combination of materials. Just like the FIMO pipe, the Eyce Spoon is a popular item!

The Eyce-spoon is a glass cannabis pipe that can take a beating!

The Eyce-spoon are cannabis pipes with a large bowl on the end. Cannabis or other herbs are placed in the bowl and ignited. Due to the large capacity of the bowl, a good dose of herbs can be burned, which leads to large hits and a lot of smoke. The thickness of this glass pipe in combination with a silicone protective cover means that it can take quite a beating.

The famous cannabis FIMO pipes are also available with us!

The FIMO pipes we offer come in two sizes. A short one of nine centimeters and a longer one of 16.5 cm. These FIMO pipes are made of polymer clay. The FIMO pipes are shaped and  hardened in the oven. The advantage of these long FIMO pipes is that the smoke cools down before it reaches the mouth. This makes it a pleasure to use. A clay pipe in the shape of a Chillum has been around in India for thousands of years. The Babas fill it with cannabis and smoke it to ascend to higher realms to make spiritual contact.

fimo pipe cannabis

Wooden cannabis pipes like the Twister Pipe a.k.a. Monkey Pipe very favorite!

Wooden pipes are popular because they simply cannot be broken. The Monkey pipe is a handy and compact cannabis pipe. Very favored for its unique function. In addition to this wooden smoking accesoire, we also sell the popular wooden with metal cannabis pipe. These are often for sale at hippie markets around the world!

Why do you use a screen in a cannabis bong or a cannabis pipe?

Steel screens are important so that your metal, glass or other pipe does not get full and stuck with cannabis or other herbs after a good hit. By placing a gauze in the part where you place the herbs, your pipe will continue to work well. There is nothing more annoying than a clogged pipe when you want to use it. Avoid irritations and order immediately when you buy a pipe screens.

cleaining cannabis BONG

SALT-ROX for cleaning water pipes, bongs and shishas

SALT-ROX are ground grains of salt that help to clean a cannabis water pipe or hookahs. For cleaning for metal or wooden pipes, we have another product that is more suitable. The ground salt has a small grain, which makes this salt extremely suitable for cleaning difficult places. The salt grains have an abrasive effect without scratching. Sanding releases the tarnish from smoking. SALT-ROX will keep your bong or shisha spotless!

Buy other pipes online, such as a cannabis pipe!

A real cannabis user cannot do without a cannabis pipe or other smoking accessories. This includes many products such as vaporizers, rolling papers, FIMO or metal pipes, grinders, bongs, etc. Using a weed pipe is very simple. Yet, we have many types of products to smoke herbs with, each with its own unique properties. Inform yourself well which smoking accessory suits you best. Once ordered, we will ship the goods at the speed of light and provide you with a track and trace.