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Bongs - Ceramic

If you want to enjoy a special bong then you choose a bong made of ceramics. These bongs are specially designed and because of the ceramics your hit of the bong is a  and cool smooth ride!


Why should I buy a ceramic bong?

It is precisely because of the way of producing a ceramic bong that you can give it any shape. For example, you can make very nice decorative water pipes. Not only do these ceramic bongs work just fine, but they also look fantastic in the corner of your room. That is why many people opt for a ceramic bong. Moreover, you don't have to buy smoking accessories any more to smoke your herbs.

What are the properties of a ceramic bong?

A bong made of ceramic is heavier and easy to hold because it is sturdy. This also makes it easier to take your ceramic bong with you when you go out. After all, they break less quickly. So they not only look nice, but they are also pleasant to use. In addition, a ceramic bong is made of clay. This benefits the taste. Always remember to grind before using it. Do not grind the herbs into powder, but rather coarsely, otherwise your water pipe will get clogged.

waterpijp keramiek

What is a ceramic bong made of?

A water pipe is made of ceramic. That is actually a kind of pottery, baked clay. This makes it easy to get the desired shape and therefore for artistic bongs often chosen for ceramics. This is then painted and then glazed. For example, when you start using them, they are sturdier than bongs made of other materials and therefore also heavier.

Compare ceramic bong with other bongs?

Water pipes made of ceramics are therefore better designed, sturdier, heavier and easier to transport. But what does it mean for the taste or the user experience compared to bongs made from, for example, glass or plastic? The taste of the weed that you smoke through a ceramic bong is much better than through a water pipe made of plastic or acrylic. Since the price difference between a water pipe and a water pipe made of plastic is minimal, we advise in most cases to opt for a water pipe made of ceramic. Although the water pipe is a sturdy water pipe, it is not indestructible. If you drop it hard on the ground, it can break.

smoking acrylic bong

How do I store my cannabis?

Storing your herbs is important for the taste and effect. If you leave an herb uncovered, it will dry out. With some herbs this does not really matter, but with, for example: cannabis, this is extremely important. We offer a wide range of stash and storage boxes. Some of these storage boxes pulling with closing vacuum. This ensures that the contents stay fresh longer. We therefore always advise you to take a look at the stash and storage boxes category.

Buy ceramic bong

Buy a water pipe in our online headshop. We offer you different shapes of ceramic bongs that are all unique in their design. The ceramic water pipe in the shape of a gun is very popular at the moment. But the alien and naked women are also doing very well with our customers. Buy your ceramic bong in our headshop online today and we ship it immediately. Soon you will impress your friends with your brand new special water pipe made of ceramic.