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Smoking Accessories - Lighter


Buy Lighters online at 24High!

We wouldn't be a good Headshop if we didn't also offer lighters. We offer a not too wide range of lighters. From storm lighters to normal Clipper lighters with a super cool design. Clipper lighter are disposable lighters of great quality. The storm lighters will always be switched on by wind and weather. It would be a shame if you managed to crumble your herbs or cannabis with a grinder, fill up your cone, and you can't light it because of the strong wind. The storm lighter is ideal for not only cigarettes or a joint, but also for lighting a BBQ outside.


Which Clippers disposable lighters do we sell?

Clipper produces reliable disposable lighters. The Clipper brand is well known among smokers of cigarettes and/or other herbs. These lighters are economical and last a long time. Give a large and strong flame that is not extinguished by a little wind. Clipper is known for its cool design. Many different types of designs make these popular disposable lighters. In addition, we also offer ashtrays with a cannabis logo, these are often purchased in combination with a lighter and given as gifts. 

Clipper Fluo Skulls

The Clipper Lighter Fluo Skulls are beautiful fluoridating skull designs. Each lighter has a different skull. These unique designs sell very well. These lighters are unique. Each skull has a different design such as, for example, skull with capsules in the mouth, skull with a crown, or skull with the Joker's hair etc. There is enough choice for everyone.

Clipper Large Hippie Peace

Hippie peace flower power! Very cool disposable lighters with a loving message or picture. From a guitar, peace sign to a hippie playing the bongo and much more. Do you feel related to a hippie? Are you a modern hippie? Do not wait any longer and order a unique Clipper Hippie lighter. This smoking accessories are robust, strong and long-lasting for a disposable lighter.

Clipper Large Cactus

Cacti look super cool, and that's why Clipper decided to give the  lighters a cool cactus logo. These are fun lighters with a cheerful color suitable for everyone over 18 years old. Clipper lighters are popular because they always last until the moment of disposal.

Clipper Large Tribal Weed

Are you a real stoner and do you feel that spiritual connection with weed? Then buy this Tribal Weed Clipper lighter! In addition to the beautiful weed designs, the disposable lighters have a strong flame and last a long time. The Tribal can be seen in the patterns behind the cannabis leaf. The Tribal Weed clipper lighter is indispensable on a rolling-tray from a cannabis enthusiast!

aansteker clipper

Looking for a lighter that always works even in a storm?

A storm lighter has a strong jet flame. A jet flame is different from a normal flame. It resembles the hot jet flame that comes out of a jet engine of a fighter jet. Because of the radius, this flame will not go out due to wind or rain. So you can use this storm lighter at any time in a storm with a cigarette or a self-made joint from long paper put on. Storm lighters are very popular because of these characteristics. We sell two types of storm lighters, namely:

Storm Lighter Hyper Torch
Storm Lighter V-Fire Easy Torch Freestyle Rubber

These are also great lighters to light fireworks or a BBQ. They are solid, sturdy, and refillable!

Buy your smoking accessories such as lighters at 24High?

Lighters are handy and definitely belong in the smoking accessories category. In addition to a storm lighter or a Clipper, we sell many other items such as rolling papers or filters that perfectly match the smoking accessories category. With us, you can order your products quickly and easily online. After checkout, we will send a track and trace so that the package can be tracked to the front door.