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Smoking Accessories - Rolling Papers

Narcos - Rolling Paper KS Slim Limited Edition+ Tips - Display 24pcs
Narcos - Rolling Paper Ks Slim White Edition + Tips - 1 Pcs
Narcos - Rolling Paper Ks Slim Brown Edition + Tips
Narcos - Rolling Paper Ks Slim White Edition - Display 50pcs
Narcos - Rolling Paper Ks Slim Brown Edition - Display 50pcs
Smoking Red King Size
Smoking Gold King Size
Smoking Green King Size
Smoking Silver King Size
Smoking Brown King Size
Smoking Black King Size
Smoking Blue King Size
Smoking DeLuxe On Roll
RAW Connoisseur KS Slim + Tips - 1 Piece
RAW Classic Unrefined Rolls King Size Slim - 1 Pcs
Smoking Brown On Roll
Mascot Slim Size Pink Edition
Juicy Jay's Banana On Roll
Juicy Jay's Peaches & Cream  On Roll
Juicy Jay's Blueberry On Roll
Juicy Jay's Cotton Candy On Roll
Juicy Jay's Blackberry On Roll
Juicy Jay's King Size Slim Strawberry
Juicy Jays King Size Slim Coconut
Flamez Yellow King Size Slim - Display 50pcs
Flamez Yellow 2 in 1 King Size Slim
Mascot Fraser paper by Jonna Fraser - Display 26pcs
Mascot - Jerry's by Hef
Mascot - Slime Series by Wally A$M
Greengo 2 in 1 King Size - Display 24pcs
Greengo Wide Rolls - Display 24pcs
Greengo King Size - Display
Greengo 2 in 1 King Size Slim - Display 24pcs
Greengo King Size Slim - Display
Futurola Roller King Size
SMOKING Rolling Machine KS

Smoking accessories are a must if you want to smoke herbs or cannabis!

Smoking your cannabis or other herbs is not possible without smoking accessories. Even a vaporizer or a bong is a smoking accessory. We offer different sizes and types of long rolling papers. We sell long rolling papers slim, KingSize rolling papers, rolling papers slim or KingSize, brown rolling papers, white rolling papers, pink rolling papers, Eco rolling papers and papers with different flavours. We also sell other smoking supplies such as: tips or filters, lighters, ashtrays and rolling trays.


smoking cannabis weed

Which types of rolling paper do we sell?

Our range consists of different types of rolling papers. Namely, rolling papers and long papers. Rolling papers are mega long papers on a roll that you can extend to the desired length. This means that you could roll a joint of 10 cm, but also one of 1 meter. The choice is yours! Rolling papers are extremely popular because they are so easy to use. The rolling papers that we offer are available in different widths and materials. We have brown, white, and even pink rolling papers. Do you want to fabricate or roll a large joint? Then go for rolling papers! Can't roll yourself, but you want a large joint? Then go for a Cone. A cone is an empty pre-rolled joint.

Rolling paper with flavour

Are you looking for rolling paper with a sweet taste? Then quickly order one of Juicy Jay's rolling paper. The Juicy Jay's are available in long rolling papers or rolling papers and have a delicious flavour. We offer the following flavors of rolling papers:

⦁    Juicy Jay's Peaches & Cream On Roll
⦁    Juicy Jay's Banana On Roll
⦁    Juicy Jay's Blueberry On Roll
⦁    Juicy Jay's Cotton Candy On Roll
⦁    Juicy Jay's KingSize Slim Strawberry
⦁    Juicy Jay's KingSize Slim Strawberry/Kiwi
⦁    Juicy Jay's KingSize Slim Coconut
⦁    Juicy Jay's KingSize Grape

smokingpaper on a roll

The difference between long rolling papers KingSize and long rolling papers Slim?

KingSize rolling papers are very popular. This is because a King-size rolling paper is wider than a smart rolling paper. Are you used to rolling a thick joint? Then the right choice is the KingSize rolling paper. Do you roll some more thinner joints? Then the best choice is a Slim rolling paper. So when you want to order tips and rolling paper, pay attention to whether it is a King-size or Slim rolling paper. In addition to slim or king-size long rolling papers, we also have slim or king-size rolling papers!

Smoking a joint with Greengo or brown Smoking papers?

Greengo or the brown rolling papers from Smoking are both long rolling papers or rolling papers manufactured without going through the bleaching process. Bleaching rolling papers can have a negative effect on your health. Today there are also other methods of bleaching paper that are less harmful to health. 

Is a brown rolling paper healthier than a white one?

Above we have already described the disadvantages of white rolling papers. They can be harmful to your health. However, stay alert: not all brown smoking accessories are manufactured unbleached. Some manufacturers use brown ink to obtain the color brown. Greengo is a reliable player when it comes to natural unbleached rolling papers. Smoking's brown papers use ink, but no bleach or other chemicals. If you want to smoke a rolling paper with as few harmful substances as possible, then the Greengo rolling papers are a good choice.

Looking for a beautiful cannabis ashtray?

Take a look at our category ashtrays. Here are some ashtrays that may be of interest, such as the RAW crystal glass ashtray. This ashtray is art to the eye! This RAW limited edition ashtray is incredibly beautiful, heavy and made of crystal glass! This is a unique gift for a smoker or cannabis In addition, there are also cool ashtrays with cannabis-related logos!

Buying rolling papers online to smoke a joint?

With us, you can easily place an order from behind your laptop or telephone. You place some papers or a lighter in the shopping cart, and you simply pay with IDEAL or another payment option. As soon as we have received the order amount, we will smoking accessories ship as soon as possible with track and trace.